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CBS News TechWatch | CYPHER CEO talks about why putting AI in teachers’ hands is a powerful tool
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How to easily boost student achievement using AI

All educators are under huge pressure to prepare students for the unknown future and the only way to be successful at this endeavor is to embrace technology. Instead of being afraid of Artificial Intelligence, teachers should learn how to harness its power. Adaptive learning is an already available powerful concept that could be successfully used in an incipient phase of Artificial Intelligence.

This white paper covers a practical way to use a form of adaptive learning for tapping into the benefits of Artificial Intelligence.

What you will learn from this white paper:

  • What great potential AI can have in education
  • What an adaptive learning experience looks like
  • How automation paves the way to creating adaptive learning

Download the white paper now and start using adaptive learning to boost student engagement and deliver a more personalized learning experience!

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