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Top e-learning trends for 2019

Learning and Development specialists are aware that providing quality learning opportunities means knowing what the trends are and following the right ones. While determining which ones are the right ones always depends on each organization’s needs and objectives, here are some predictions for 2019 that can make the decision easier:

  1. Video learning will gain more terrain

    Video content is so popular that it gave the term ‘viral’ a positive connotation to go along the ominous epidemiological meaning it originally had. 60% of YouTube subscribers* follow advice of video creators rather than their favourite movie or TV personality. As a consequence, whether learning will be instructor-led with meaningful videos intercalated or e-learning with a strong video component, it’s definitely a growing trend for the year to come.

  2. Micro learning is a major trend

    Bite-size learning units are both cost and time-effective and they hold the great advantage of being available on demand, unlike extensive instructor-led courses. Micro learning is a great way of deploying objective driven instruction that easily reaches everyone in the organization. Both the deployment process and the results are a lot easier to track so this type of brief and to the point learning is here to stay.

  3. Adaptive learning is on the rise

    Corporate learning has already begun to tap into the potential adaptive learning has both for engagement and productivity. In 2019 more organizations will invest in digital solutions that will be aimed at making the learning process more personalized and enjoyable. Incorporating effective assessment tools will ensure users can skip content they are familiar with and navigate only what is really relevant and useful to them.

  4. Game-based learning is here to stay

    Adapting to the audience is crucial when the end objective is to provide learning that is later translated in the workplace. Today’s audience is mainly Millennials, a generation raised on games and the instant gratification given by a passed level or a top place on the leaderboard. Companies that provide the technology to gamify learning are well aware of the immense potential, as 53% of stakeholders consider that by 2020 gamification will be widespread*.

  5. AR and VR are showing a lot of promise

    Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are emerging as very engaging and effective ways of implementing learning. They give that “hands-on” quality that is so important for in-depth understanding and information retention. While it may not become the norm for e-learning in 2019 (mainly due to cost restrains), immersive learning will still grow and become increasingly present in corporate e-learning.


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