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CYPHER Learning named a G2 Best Software Awards winner 2024
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Generative AI in 2024 - a potential lifeline amid workplace turbulence

Insights and challenges from a survey of 400 HR and business leaders in US and the UK.

Generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) has emerged as a transformative tool to overcome resource constraints, enhance training materials, and narrow the skill gaps that will otherwise widen in this new era.

Key survey findings

Talent retention, staff well-being, and upskilling are top priorities for 2024

  • 40% of survey respondents said talent retention and staff well-being are their two priorities for 2024
  • 35% said upskilling is their top priority.

Yet, many businesses don’t have the resources to keep up with demand for training

  • 76% of HR and business leaders report struggling to develop training courses and materials due to resource limitations.
  • They see the greatest potential benefit of a larger L&D (learning and development) department as the ability to close skill gaps in their organization.

As a result, many businesses are looking to generative AI to help them do more with less and expand their L&D capabilities

  • 86% of HR and business leaders said either they or their team members use generative AI in their roles.
  • Respondents’ companies already use generative AI to:
    • Gamify training courses (58% of respondents).
    • Create more engaging and enjoyable professional development courses (53% of respondents).
    • Save time on course development (54% of respondents).
    • Develop assessments that evaluate learner progress (53% of respondents).

But barriers to widespread adoption of generative AI still exist

  • 44% of HR and business leaders express concerns about data security and the accuracy of AI-generated outputs.
  • 52% of respondents worry about AI potentially taking their jobs.
  • 69% of respondents indicated that while AI could simplify their roles, they lack the necessary skills and knowledge to maximize its potential.
  • 57% admit uncertainty regarding how AI could benefit their roles.

Businesses need a solution to lower barriers to AI adoption, promote more effective training, keep up with course demand, and prepare for a new era of turbulence.

  • 87% say that if generative AI were available in a more usable way – built into a commercial tool, for example – they would be more open to using it.
  • 77% say they would use AI more if they could authenticate the information it delivers. 

Read the full CYPHER Learning report: Generative AI in 2024 - a potential lifeline amid workplace turbulence

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