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Unleash the power of play in learning with CYPHER’s gamification


Make learning personalized, competitive, and fun!

Elevate learner engagement through CYPHER's advanced gamification, encompassing awards, competition, and motivational elements.

Employ leaderboards, periodic leveling, and gamified elements within courses and learning paths. Enable accumulation of individual, group, and site-wide points and badges contingent upon participation, scores, and more.

CYPHER has the largest implementation of gamification, with 120,000 users using periodic leveling.

Create supercharged, gamified content and courses. In minutes!

CYPHER AI 360 with Copilot revolutionizes engagement, motivation, and personalization in learning by creating gamified, competency-based courses in just minutes. Watch as AI 360 creates group or individual gamification elements, enabling learners to gain points or compete in periodic leveling challenges. AI 360 aligns gamification elements with competencies so learners can easily visualize their progress and work toward mastering their goals. Elevate your educational and training initiatives, simplify your tech stack, and optimize your workflow. Discover more about the power of gamifying courses with CYPHER AI 360.

Dive into our diverse gamification options for


Level up learning! Revolutionize your courses with customizable games. Incorporate multiple thematic games per course, allowing learners to accumulate points and rise through exciting levels as they master modules and assessments.

Learning paths

Inspire and guide learners on their path to mastery! Set sequential goals along learning paths, and watch as learners earn points and badges, paving their way to topic mastery.


The ultimate learning league! Unite the entire platform with site-wide games. Reward learner engagement platform-wide — from courses to learning paths. Admins can craft a game that celebrates every step of the learning process.


Foster a spirit of teamwork and friendly competition! Group learners into teams, and integrate team-based gamification in courses, paths, or site-wide. Display teams’ collective triumphs on a vibrant leaderboard. Periodic leveling keeps everyone engaged with a chance to win or be a leader.

What learners see

Learners see their progress, ranking, and what actions awarded them with badges and points. These are displayed in course, learning path, or group landing pages so they can watch their ascension and celebrate every win. Learners see notifications whenever they earn a badge or point to foster motivation and celebrate their progress.


Customization at your fingertips

Your badges, your pride! Choose from our built-in library of badges to easily get started rewarding learners or craft customized badges using CYPHER's intuitive badge editor. Mix and match shapes, images, text, and colors, or upload your designs to create badges as unique as your learners.


“It offers the most engaging gamification functions like badges and points which helps keep learners motivated.”

Rony H., Senior Software Development Engineer Program Development


“We can gamify our online classes with the use of points, badges, and the leaderboard. CYPHER has kept our students engaged and motivated.”

Roland Ruben, LMS Administrator,
De La Salle University - Dasmariñas


“There is no possible way not to learn because the technology inspires learners.”

Michael Rochelle,
Chief Strategy Officer at Brandon Hall Group