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CBS News TechWatch | CYPHER CEO talks about why putting AI in teachers’ hands is a powerful tool
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CYPHER for training companies

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CYPHER empowers trainers to build engaging, personalized courses in just minutes.

An ever-present skills gap is driving companies in all sectors to enlist third-party training companies and registered training organizations (RTOs) to create effective competency-based training programs that will help upskill and cross-skill existing staff fast. This presents an enormous opportunity for training companies – if they can deliver training that meets such high expectations quickly. This is easier said than done, as building compelling and effective courses has traditionally been incredibly labor intensive and time consuming. It’s especially challenging for training companies, as they not only have to build the content, but they also have to manage the administrative side of their businesses at the same time. To capitalize on this growing demand for their services, trainers and RTOs need to modernize their approach, and that requires a modern learning platform.

Developing effective competency-based coursework

Traditional LMS

Modern LMS

Simple point-and-click
AI-powered tools that cut course-creation time to just minutes
Rigid, static content formats
Incorporation of new media and technologies like gamification
Manual communications and course administration
Automated notifications and course administration like course registration
Limited reporting and insights
Complete visibility at the most granular level, from corporation to learner

Go to the head of the class

Learn how training companies and RTOs are modernizing their businesses for growth and efficiency. Download the new eBook from CYPHER Learning, “Go to the head of the class: How training solution providers are using new technologies to create a competitive advantage.

Supercharged training. In minutes.

With CYPHER Copilot, supercharge your training experience. Build multimedia, gamified, skills-based training in under 10 minutes. Let CYPHER Copilot take care of 80% of the work required to design and curate courses, competencies and assessments, so you can focus your attention on the final 20%. The final 20% needs: human intelligence, validation of content and the overall learning experience. Afterall, it's called Copilot, not auto pilot.


The CYPHER learning technology platform uses AI and other technologies to give trainers, RTOs and L&D professionals the power to create, deliver, monitor and manage personalized learning experiences, at scale with ease and speed.


Personalize training to the individual learner, at scale

In a recent survey on skills development, CYPHER Learning found more than 39% of learners wanted training more personalized to their needs. This means training providers, RTOs and all L&D professionals need to factor individuality into their strategies and programs. The CYPHER platform gives trainers that freedom.

Deliver engaging courses, ensuring comprehension and mastery

The CYPHER platform lets trainers flex their expertise and creativity with capabilities and innovations such as social learning, virtual reality and gamification. These technologies help reinforce a competency-based approach, enabling learners to practice and master skills they need before they move on, thereby boosting retention.

Provide mentoring capabilities and community engagement

Most learners perform best with the support and guidance of experts and peers. That’s why the CYPHER platform includes the ability for learners to connect with coaches, mentors and others engaged in similar training, as needed. CYPHER lets trainers generate detailed Q&As, quizzes and timed assessments to monitor individual and organizational progress, and ensure learners are absorbing the material.

Gain visibility across clients, courses and learners with a click

To ensure their coursework is resonating, training providers need clear visibility into how their corporate clients and learners are performing. The CYPHER platform includes robust, customizable reporting capabilities to give trainers a real-time, on-demand view into course completion and performance at the learner, organization and content levels.

Simplify administration and communication with automation

While developing strong, effective coursework is always priority one, administrative tasks like enrollment and communications are also necessary to make sure organizations and their employees enjoy a simple, seamless learning experience. The CYPHER platform saves trainers time by creating administrative efficiencies, automating and personalizing these interactions for the training provider, so they can focus on creating the best content for their clients.

What CYPHER customers say


CYPHER Learning's features are enormously helpful to our process and efficiency; the features, customization, available APIs, and support made a huge difference for us.

Executive Director, The W. Edwards Deming Institute


It's very easy to monitor and check student progress. I can go in and, with a couple of clicks, see any participant and where they are in the process.

President/Owner, Coaching 4 Today’s Leaders


Our time saving increased by 70%, going from manual to automated.

Training Company Founder/Owner

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