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5 Must-have LMS reports for schools

With the help of LMS reports, you can stay updated on various school-related aspects. Whether you want to create grade charts or reports about class status or lesson completion, your learning platform can help you. These reports are practical and user-friendly, allowing you to save time and easily access information. They also allow you to make the best decisions based on data. Here are some of the most important reports:

  1. Student reports

    These reports can be as specific and comprehensive as you want. As an admin, you can run a report on all the students in your institution. Teachers can gain access to how many students they have in their class and how many of those completed an assignment.

  2. Class reports

    They provide information about enrollment, attendance, missing work, completion, class status, compliance, and more. Using this data, you can build a comprehensive image of student performance, their preferences and abilities, and the areas they need to improve.

  3. Assessment reports

    They provide a quick overview of how your students evolve based on their results. Instead of checking each test manually, you can simply download a document giving you information on student progress statistics over time.

  4. Group reports

    These are useful for administrators who want to understand their student demographics including age, location, and other parameters. They provide information on how many groups of students the platform has and how many members each.

  5. Organization reports

    These contain different data and statistics on classes, users, groups, and more. This information can easily be customized or filtered based on the existing requirements and necessities. All these insights can be used in larger reports for data-driven decisions.

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