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Streamlined sales enablement solutions

If salespeople can’t effectively identify which stage of the buyer’s journey their clients are at, they might use the wrong sales strategies. Sales enablement training empowers your team to engage with customers more effectively, hone their skills, and ultimately close more deals. Finding the right solution for your sales team isn’t easy though.

Are you struggling to…

Juggle a loaded tech stack that overcomplicates and under delivers on sales enablement training

Analyze the ROI and other meaningful metrics connected to sales enablement training

Ensure sales teams have the skills necessary to excel at their jobs

Quickly create engaging training programs specifically tailored to individual goals

Translate courses in multiple languages while maintaining meaning and localization

Build a revenue-pumping sales machine with a powerful LMS for sales enablement

Salespeople do it all. They manage customer relationships, persuade prospects, battle the competition, and serve as brand ambassadors all while building pipelines, meeting quotas, and generating revenue. To be successful, they need the support of a strong, ongoing sales enablement program. For learners to get the most out of their training, it must be relevant and personalized for their language, learning styles, schedules, sales methodologies, and expertise.

It’s not just internal sales teams that benefit from a good sales enablement strategy. Channel partners and their sales teams need similar support if they’re going to successfully sell your products and represent your brand.

This is where the right learning platform comes in, one that inspires and engages learners, ensuring that they not only embrace the material – but also retain and master it.

If your sales reps don’t feel they’re learning and growing, you’re at risk of losing upwards of 60% of your entire workforce within four years.

Award-winning platform for training

CYPHER has received multiple awards for our innovative learning technology, including Forbes Advisor’s “Best Overall Employee Training Software” and “Best LMS."

Supercharged sales team enablement. In minutes.

AI 360 with Copilot on the CYPHER platform can supercharge your sales enablement training initiatives and deliver robust new courses fast, ensuring your course material is always up to date and reflects the latest sales enablement information like recent wins, product updates, promotions and methodologies. Imagine building competency-based, gamified, personalized sales enablement training in just minutes!

This lets you:

  • Create sales training tailored to individual sales teams, individuals or channel partners - using your own uploaded content - and launch it just in time!
  • Ensure your teams are up to speed on target personas, messaging, the latest pricing and product details, as well as new processes and systems.
  • Control your content quality, accuracy, and credibility.
  • Ensure a consistent understanding of your sales strategy across the organization.
AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot

Traditional way vs. CYPHER’s approach

In too many companies, sales enablement and sales training are limited to a series of communications with links to quickly outdated PDFs and presentations on a server – which sales representatives often ignore or just give a cursory once-over due to their busy schedules. For those companies using a traditional sales training LMS platform, the outcome isn’t much better given the rigid nature of the system and lackluster content delivery that fails to engage the learner. CYPHER is revolutionizing the way companies conduct channel and sales enablement. It empowers trainers to build effective and inspiring competency-based courses with personalized learning paths, engaging content, and advanced analytics – all geared toward helping sales teams and channel partners achieve mastery-level proficiency in your sales processes, methodologies, products and services, and more.

Traditional way

What you get with CYPHER

One-size-fits-all approach that fails to consider the sales representative’s progress
Personalized learning profiles, competency mapping to content, assessments, and reporting in minutes – helping to ensure your sales representatives understand and can prove mastery of your sales process, messaging, products and services
You must manually bridge the gap between content development and delivery by using multiple, expensive tools
Unified content development and delivery allow you to get sales enablement training up and running faster – with less people and money
Rigid, static content formats that leave sales and channel teams bored and unengaged
Incorporation of new media and technologies like gamification to drive engagement and retention of information that is vital to sales productivity and closing deals
Conventional reporting that provide basic and rudimentary data
Insightful analytics empower you to track learner progress, identify costly gaps in your sales team’s knowledge base, and flag opportunities for improvement
Time-consuming and manual course creation
Automation and AI-powered tools cut sales enablement course creation to minutes - allowing you to update and disseminate information just in time
Manual and outdated assessments
Adaptive assessments tagged to specific sales enablement topics so you can easily understand what sales representatives know or need to learn
Minimal collaboration
Human-centered connections and communities to facilitate peer discussions and group exercises that help unify sales and channels teams, while drive understanding and mastery of sales-essential subjects

Why modernizing sales enablement training matters


55% of the people making their living in sales don’t have the right skills to succeed.



Most sales professionals forget at least 50% of what they learned in training programs in less than five weeks… 84% is lost after only 90 days.

Sales Performance International


Organizations see a significant impact on sales as a result of sales enablement; 76% of organizations see an increase in sales between 6% to 20%.

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