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Compliance training, elevated

Transform mundane to memorable with compliance training on the CYPHER LMS


Compliance training that transcends borders and barriers

As an HR professional, we know you’re constantly pulled in a million directions. Between finding and training top talent, keeping employees motivated, and staying up to date with compliance laws, you have a lot on your plate.

Are you struggling to…

Continually create and adapt courses to match the latest compliance laws and regulations

Translate courses in multiple languages while maintaining meaning and localization

Juggle a complicated tech stack that overpromises, underdelivers, and drains resources

Seamlessly integrate learning content from ideation to delivery

Gather meaningful compliance metrics and integrate them into existing HR systems

Safeguard your workplace through engaging and agile compliance training on the CYPHER platform

Perhaps the most critical training an organization can implement is around compliance. From industry and government regulations to cybersecurity practices and harassment policies, compliance speaks to the integrity and effectiveness of the business and creates a unified workplace. Ultimately, it protects your employees, your organization, and your extended enterprise. Alternatively, non-compliance can be downright costly, potentially jeopardizing a company’s future and putting employees in danger.

Achieving and maintaining compliance is nearly impossible without an understanding of policies and regulations and how to adhere to them. In a world where compliance laws are continually changing, it’s crucial to have a system in place that allows you to remain agile. Maintaining compliance helps a company mitigate risks, foster trust among stakeholders, maintain its reputation, drive change and innovation, and enhance consistency. This requires a strong training program and technology that lets you create new coursework on-demand. More importantly, it requires a platform that engages and inspires learners, makes them want to learn, and ensures mastery of the material.

Did you know?
Non-compliance costs businesses $1.6 million per year on average

2024 CYPHER Survey

The true cost of rule breakers in workplace compliance

We learned that although lack of compliance is rated a serious and costly problem, educating staff remains a comparative afterthought.

Award-winning platform for training

CYPHER has received multiple awards for our innovative learning technology, including Forbes Advisor’s “Best Overall Employee Training Software” and “Best LMS."

Supercharged compliance training LMS. Just in time, just for you.

AI 360 with Copilot on the CYPHER platform can supercharge your compliance training initiatives and deliver robust new courses fast, ensuring your course material is always up to date with the latest policy or regulatory requirements.

Imagine building competency-based, gamified, personalized compliance training with ease, allowing you to:

  • Create compliance courses for your leadership team, employees, and business ecosystem – using your own uploaded content
  • 1000+ pre-loaded job descriptions inform personalized learning, aligning with specific job roles to enhance employee focus on relevant compliance areas
  • Ensure your policies, processes, and messages are always aligned
  • Control your content quality, accuracy, and credibility
  • Improve policy and process adoption
  • Protect employees, the organization, and the entire extended enterprise
  • Ensure consistent and regular compliance training across your organization
AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot

Traditional way vs. CYPHER’s approach

Compliance training isn’t a new concept, but companies have struggled with how to make it “stick.” Traditional learning management systems limit how material is presented and fail to capture the learner’s attention – this is why so many learners characterize compliance training as “boring,” which impacts comprehension. CYPHER is revolutionizing the way companies create and administer compliance training. It empowers trainers to breathe new life into compliance programs, enabling personalized learning paths, engaging content and advanced analytics, all geared toward helping employees comprehend the content and demonstrate mastery of the subject matter, thus helping your organization achieve your compliance goals.

Traditional way

What you get with CYPHER

One-size-fits-all approach that fails to consider learner’s progress
Personalized learning profiles, competency mapping to content, assessments, and reporting in minutes – helping to ensure learners understand and can prove mastery of compliance requirements
Rigid, static content formats that leave learners bored and unengaged
Incorporation of new media and technologies like gamification to drive engagement and retention of critical compliance details, requirements and processes
Conventional reporting that provide basic and rudimentary data
Insightful analytics, empowering you to track learner progress, identify gaps in compliance knowledge and flag opportunities for improvement
Time-consuming and manual to create courses
Automation and AI-powered tools cut compliance course creation to minutes - allowing you to update and disseminate information just in time
Manual and outdated assessments
Adaptive assessments tagged to specific compliance topics to understand what the learner knows or doesn’t know
Minimal collaboration
Human-centered connections and communities to facilitate peer discussions and group exercises that help unify teams, while driving understanding and mastery of given compliance topics

Why modernizing compliance training matters


Only 12% of organizations have an advanced compliance and ethics training program. Nearly 40% of organizations rate their programs as basic or reactive.

Compliance Next – 2016 Ethics and Compliance Training Benchmark Report. Retrieved 17 January, 2017


According to Deloitte and Compliance Week, only 70% of firms even try to measure the effectiveness of their compliance programs – of those, only a third are confident or very confident that they are using the right metrics.

Harvard Business Review


The potential impact of poor compliance training: The average annual cost associated with non-compliance concerns in businesses amounts to approximately $1.6 million.

2024 CYPHER Survey

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