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8 Great tips on how to make the title of your online course stand out

Words, names and titles matter. Marketers are especially aware of this and seek to employ the great power of semantics and semiotics in order to draw attention and ultimately close the sale. When you are trying to sell a freshly designed online course, the title is probably the most important aspect of it, as it is the first thing your potential customers will make contact with.

There is no perfect recipe for creating the perfect title for your online course but there are some things to consider before deciding what the name of your course should be. Here are eight of them:

  1. Keep it concise

    Short titles fit well in posts, tweets, URLs when you need to share them online. If it’s easy to read, there’s a better chance people will notice it and figure out what it is about.

  2. Make sure it’s easy to spell

    Obviously, you’ll want people to talk about your course, since starting conversations is a great way to grow your customer base. If your title has words that may be difficult to write correctly, people will avoid typing it.

  3. Simplicity works best

    Even if your course deals with more complex information, the title should only comprise one concept, two at most. Trying to squeeze more in there will only render it confusing.

  4. It should be easy to remember

    People may take a look, scroll away and then some time later think of coming back. A memorable title uses alliteration, smart acronyms or a surprising contradiction in terms.

  5. Titles should be descriptive

    It is wise to include words that illustrate the most important concept in the course and show its significance.

  6. The title should be an accurate preview for the course

    It needs to give an idea of the overall style as well as provide some hints to the content, without giving too much away. A preview is not a summary.

  7. Graphics need to match the words

    The modern-day internet user is highly visual and with so much great content out there, they can easily spot any inconsistencies. The cover image has to be in perfect sync with the title.

  8. Originality matters

    Before you set the title, do a search to make sure that it isn’t already used, lest interested customers might be thoroughly confused by the double results on a search.

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