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AI report: Generative AI in 2024 - a potential lifeline amid workplace turbulence

CYPHER Learning commissioned Sapio Research, a third-party research firm, to conduct a study of 400 HR and business leaders across the US and UK. The study aimed to understand their priorities for 2024 and their attitudes toward generative AI as a solution for building a more resilient workforce.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) predicts 2024 will mark the beginning of “a new era of turbulence,” classified by a shifting global job market and the need for a more resilient workforce. Generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) has emerged as a transformative tool to overcome resource constraints, enhance training materials, and narrow the skills gaps that will otherwise widen in this new era.

What you will learn in this research report:

  • HR and business leaders struggle to develop training due to resource limitations.
  • Many use generative AI in their roles, but barriers still exist.
  • People would be more open to AI if it were available in a more usable way.
  • Controlled and packaged AI can help prepare for the "new era of turbulence."

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