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CYPHER Learning named a G2 Best Software Awards winner 2024
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CYPHER content collection

Flexible, easy, and comprehensive content options for every need


Custom-made to ready-made content collections

When it comes to content, CYPHER is your ultimate partner. We offer comprehensive options to meet all your content needs, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect fit for your goals. Mix and match custom and ready-made options to suit your needs.

CYPHER AI 360 content bundle

CYPHER sets the standard in content collections for one simple reason – flexibility. With our AI 360 bundle, you get the best of both worlds: custom-made and ready-made content.

Custom-made content

Create custom-made skills-based, gamified courses in minutes with CYPHER AI 360! You can also generate entire courses from your own uploaded content.

Ready-made content

Looking for hassle-free access to a world of learning content? Your search ends here with CYPHER's ready-made content collection options.

CYPHER AI 360 content bundle

Prebuilt - Customize 300+ prebuilt courses: Modify and personalize baseline courses already created by CYPHER. Add your terminology, language, policies, and branding to existing courses. These courses include popular topics like business management, communication, and career skills.

Ready-made - 65 quick start courses: Quick start courses are SCORM-based and ready to assign to your learners.


Custom-made content

Generate entire custom-made courses complete with competency and skill mapping, gamification, and assessments - in minutes. Ask AI 360 to add quizzes, multimedia, study guides, glossaries, and more. AI 360 can even generate entire courses from your uploaded resources – videos, PDFs, etc. – tailored to your terminology, branding, and style. Whether utilizing content from the Internet or uploading your own resources, create uniquely tailored courses with ease.


Ready-made content

With CYPHER’s ready-made content partnerships, you don’t need to juggle multiple platforms, deal with lengthy procurement, or take on difficult integration challenges. With our seamless content offerings, we save you precious time and effort.

Mind Tools collection: Features 70+ videos and courses focused on leadership and management. Purchase courses directly from Mind Tools within the CYPHER platform to simplify content curation.

Third-party content collections: Access industry-specific ready-made content through our third-party providers. Purchase (Coursera, Go1, Udemy) and integrate (edX, LinkedIn Learning) courses directly from any of our content partners within the CYPHER platform.

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