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Your content, your way – ready, custom, or enhanced!

CYPHER offers easy and comprehensive content solutions


Ready-made to custom-made content options

When it comes to content, CYPHER is your ultimate partner. We offer three comprehensive options to meet all your content needs, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect fit for your goals. Mix and match any of these choices.

Ready-to-go content

Looking for hassle-free access to a world of learning content? Your search ends here with CYPHER's ready-to-go content library.

Purchase content from Coursera, Go1, and Udemy directly through the CYPHER platform. Get edX and LinkedIn content through our integrations.

Custom content - elevated

AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot allows you to supercharge your training by creating gamified, multimedia, skills-based courses in minutes! AI 360 can even generate entire courses from your uploaded resources – videos, PDFs, etc. – tailored to your terminology, branding, and style. Rest assured, all of this is private.

Enhance your existing content

Revamp your existing content on the CYPHER platform effortlessly. Let AI 360 with Copilot take care of automatically adding rubrics, competencies, and gamification to take your content to the next level. Add glossaries, study guides, and assessments with ease.

The choice is yours!

Whether you're keen on off-the-shelf solutions, creating tailored courses, or enhancing what you already have, CYPHER Learning empowers you to do it all. Mix and match the options that suit your needs best – the possibilities are up to you.


Ready-to-go content


With CYPHER’s content partnerships, you don’t need to juggle multiple platforms, deal with lengthy procurement, or take on difficult integration challenges. With our seamless content offerings, we save you precious time and effort.

Elevate your learners' experience by effortlessly adding content from top-notch course sites like Coursera, edX, Go1, LinkedIn Learning, and Udemy. Purchase (Coursera, Go1, Udemy) and integrate (edX, LinkedIn Learning) courses directly from any of our content partners within the CYPHER platform - simplify your content curation.


Custom content, elevated


The modern way

Elevate content creation using AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot. Embrace the modern way of training by effortlessly building multimedia-rich, gamified, skills-focused courses in just minutes. AI 360, takes care of 80% of the mundane and tedious work, freeing you to focus on the lasting impacts.

Build your own courses on technical skills, soft skills, professional development, business skills, and virtually any topic without having to use a third-party provider. Create a course of your choosing in just minutes and in 50+ languages with AI 360.

Let Copilot help you with
Course outline with description
Course content based on your own resources or content online
Competency mapping and tagging - This is big since competency mapping is very time consuming!
50+ languages
Question banks
Images with AI
Rubric creation - This is big since rubric mapping is very time consuming!
Group/Individual project
Study guide

The traditional way

You can still take the reins with our traditional approach, empowering you to create captivating courses using an array of tools and templates. Learn more.

Traditional content build options:

Choose course type

Select the type of course that best suits your training style, whether it’s instructor-led, blended, self-paced, or micro learning. It’s easy to create and deliver training content and each course has useful features based on your style.

Easily create courses based off templates that can be reused and stored in the resources library. Templates can be used as “cookie cutters” for courses that will be taught.

Create engaging courses fast using our built-in content authoring tool and embed any kind of content and media including audio, video, Office documents, Google Docs, and OneDrive files. You can also add SCORM and H5P content to make courses more interactive.

Design micro courses specifically tailored for bite-sized consumption by your learners. This unique feature enables students to concentrate on compact, focused content by eliminating any distractions within the course.

Both the modern CYPHER Copilot tool and the traditional approach, give you:

Display courses in a graphical catalog

Showcase the courses you create by displaying them in the course catalog. Organize courses in categories and subcategories and allow learners to easily enroll in a course from the catalog.

Each course can have its own overview page in the catalog with important details such as the course description, content outline, reviews, certificates awarded, and more.

Save time when teaching multiple sections of a course, and use our unique course sync feature to push changes from the master copy of a course to the others.

The course dashboard displays the most important information about a course, such as relevant statistics on learners, assessments, and more. Widgets can also be integrated with ad-hoc reports.

Inspire learners to achieve goals using learning paths. Paths are courses that can have goals as sections. Each goal in a path can represent a course or a certificate, and learners can be rewarded with points and badges as they complete goals.

Configure whether goals have to be completed sequentially, define actions that are triggered when learners complete path goals, and use gamification to boost learner engagement.

Combine course goals and certificate goals with other kinds of sections such as content pages and assessments to create more dynamic flows. For example, you could start a path with a video, then require the learner to complete a course, then follow with a quiz that tests their knowledge.

Bottom line

Whether you're drawn to the accelerated approach of AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot or the hands-on aspects of the traditional method, CYPHER equips you with the power to build engaging content that transforms learning experiences.

Enhance your existing content


Experience the power of AI 360 to enhance all your existing courses that you created in the CYPHER platform to new levels of greatness. Elevate your courses and training programs, making them more engaging, enjoyable, and comprehensive than ever before.

AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot can supercharge all your existing content with these options:
Course creation
Competency tagging and mapping
Assessment creation
Question bank creation
Rubric creation
Assignment creation
Outlines, descriptions
Course content and modules
Image creation
Group project
Study guides
Course tone options
Course level options