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LEARNING EXPERIENCE POWERSPersonalized learning in the shape of you

Ditch ineffective “one-size-fits-all” training. Tailored learning experiences that fit.


Learners don’t know what they don’t know. CYPHER can help.

When it comes to skills development with traditional learning platforms, it’s often difficult to understand what skills learners don’t know.

Courses may not cover all necessary skills, leaving learners untaught and untested in crucial areas. With so many competencies and skills to cover, this lack of knowledge can slip through the cracks.

U.S. News & World Report rated CYPHER Learning as the best LMS for Skills development. They praised CYPHER’s competency-based learning, intelligent recommendations, human-centric approach, custom learning paths, automation, and more.


Their way

Homogenous and rigid


Your way

Human-centric and scalable

Limited skills development
Personalized skills development
Assumed skill mastery
Measured progress and skill mastery
Manual learning paths
Adaptive learning pathways and goals
Basic content curation tools
Flexible content curation options
Lack social learning features
Embedded human-connection
Primitive analytics
Advanced analytics and dashboards
Generalized course recommendations
Smart recommendations engine
Siloed gamification
Platform-wide gamification
Upskill, reskill, cross-skill the way you want it

Never struggle to align training plans with business outcomes again. The CYPHER platform can help you identify and address areas for training that your learners need most when they need it.

Measure, master, and marvel at your pace

Learners no longer need to carve out dedicated time for training. The CYPHER platform grows with your learners and knows what skills or competencies they need to learn or master.

Human-centered learning that puts you first

Training and learning that puts your needs at the center of learning. Collaborate with others. Communicate when you need to. Facilitate conversations on your terms.

Content options that work for you, when you need it

Leverage your existing content or Internet content. Create courses in minutes. Upload PDFs, PPTs, or videos to make the course your own. Choose custom to ready-made content.

"A supercharged next-generation technology platform that rocks skills-based learning."


Michael Rochelle

Brandon Hall Group

CYPHER LXP powers you can’t live without

An LXP provides a way for learners to direct and control their own learning experience.
Learn more about each power.

Personalized skills development

Deliver personalized learning experiences tailored to individual learner needs and preferences

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Progress and skills mastery

Automated competency and skills mapping with 3000+ already preloaded

More skill mastery

Adaptive learning pathways and goals

Tailor education journeys for individualized progress and achievement seamlessly

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Content curation

Customize learning paths with diverse content collections - from custom-made to ready-made 3rd party options

Learn more

Human connection

Foster interactive learning and collaboration. Connect and build a community of learning

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Analytics and dashboards

Gain deep insights with comprehensive data visualization tools

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Recommendations engine

Personalized learning suggestions based on individual progress

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Infuse fun and motivation into learning across the entire platform. Periodic-leveling, leaderboards, and more

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Choose your powers!
Your path. Your pace. Your potential.

Start your journey with our Learning Management System (LMS) for solid foundations, then amplify your capabilities when the time is right. Elevate your learning initiatives with our Learning Experience Platform (LXP) capabilities for personalized and engaging course delivery. And when you're ready to create courses using your own content, unlock the full potential of leading AI innovation with our robust course development tools.

It's your path, your pace, your powers – tailor your learning journey your way.



Give learners what they need, before they need it

Our award-winning learning management software that helps you move faster on learning initiatives than ever before.

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Deliver highly personalized learning in less time

LXPs are more than just a new LMS—it’s a whole new way for all to learn and grow while saving time and resources.

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Build courses faster—no experience required

AI 360 with Copilot accelerates the creation of competency-based, gamified courses, with assessments in minutes.

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CYPHER LXP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

While an LMS focuses on structured learning, an LXP emphasizes informal, self-directed learning experiences. An LXP is ideal for organizations looking to foster a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing, whereas an LMS may be better suited for traditional training purposes. With CYPHER, our platform grows, scales, and evolves with you.

Our LXP leverages smart algorithms to curate personalized learning pathways based on individual preferences, skills gaps, and learning history. This ensures that each employee/learner receives relevant content tailored to their unique needs and learning styles. CYPHER offers the only learning platform able to support learning goals.

With learning goals, learners can set and track their skill development, gaining more control over their learning journey. CYPHER suggests courses aligned with these goals, and learners can monitor their progress easily. Administrators guide learners by setting goals and forming groups with similar aims, fostering collaboration and motivation. This method provides detailed insights into skill mastery, empowering managers to highlight progress and organizations to confirm personalized development.

Yes, the CYPHER LXP is designed to seamlessly integrate with various third-party systems, including HRIS, CRM, content authoring tools, and learning management systems (LMS). This enables unified access to all learning resources and ensures interoperability across your organization's ecosystem. Learn more about CYPHER Connect, integrations, and LTI.

The CYPHER LXP provides robust analytics and reporting features that allow you to track key metrics such as learner engagement, completion rates, skill development, and training effectiveness. These insights enable data-driven decision-making and demonstrate the ROI of your learning initiatives. CYPHER offers 50+ types of reports along with the ability to add custom reports. Learn more about reporting and analytics.

The CYPHER LXP facilitates social learning through features such as discussion forums, wikis, blogs, peer-to-peer collaboration, and communities. This encourages knowledge sharing, collaboration, and continuous learning across your organization's workforce. The CYPHER platform puts people first. This means human connection is infused into and across our platform. Learn more about human connection.

Award-winning platform

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