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4 Key LMS analytics every trainer needs to know

A learning management system (LMS) offers insightful analytics and reporting tools. However, these can overwhelm trainers that are just starting out with the system. Additionally, there is no need to know or use them all. Instead, instructors can focus on a few key analytics that are relevant to them. Here are some examples.

  1. Progress analytics

    Trainers can track how much time learners spend in modules and sections. Analytics based on learner’s progress are helpful because they reveal the areas they are struggling with. Moreover, learners’ daily activity within a course is a powerful feature.

  2. Compliance analytics

    Compliance ensures that employees are taking the required training regularly. Instructors can select the courses needed for compliance, set an expiration date, and see learner progress analytics. Additionally, custom reports provide more detailed data.

  3. Mastery analytics

    Mastery coverage and learners’ overall progress through competencies are important metrics. They show how well the course covers the defined skills and if any of those are not taught. With the help of a grid view of all the competencies instructors can identify problem areas.

  4. Custom reports

    Built-in reports make it easy for trainers to get instant insights on the learner’s progress. The main ones are course enrollment, completion, and compliance status. Custom reports allow trainers to generate reports using parameters defined by them.

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