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CYPHER Learning named a G2 Best Software Awards winner 2024
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10 Learning and development apps for businesses

Want to create training courses, develop your skills, and access curated industry content? There’s an app for everything! Here are some of the best L&D apps that can support your upskilling efforts:

  • Udemy for Business

    This is the official app of the Udemy marketplace. It offers a vast course library on a wide range of topics. Plenty of them cater to the specific needs of professionals.

  • Skill Pill

    This app focuses on micro learning and bite-sized content, providing videos on key business concepts. Choose from 6,000+ learning objectives and start upskilling yourself.

  • Voices of CLO

    This app provides interviews of Chief Learning Officers. You get to hear from the movers and shakers in the L&D industry as they share their stories, successes, and setbacks.

  • Instapaper

    Instapaper helps you save precious resources in a second. Save anything from articles to videos and online courses. Access the content later, make annotations and highlight key ideas.

  • Box

    This productivity app helps you securely store and share all sorts of files, edit business documents, add comments, assign tasks, monitor customer activity, and more.

  • TED

    The TED app allows you to access more than 1600 talks delivered by some of the most influential, innovative, and charismatic speakers worldwide.

  • LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard

    This app helps you deliver engaging presentations using visual support. Your screen turns into a whiteboard where you can sketch ideas, create diagrams, annotate, edit, and mark images.

  • Blinkist

    Blinkist provides 5,000+ nonfiction books and podcasts. Whether you want to read or listen to the content, you can access it in a few clicks and acquire knowledge on the go.

  • Duolingo

    This free, user-friendly, and engaging app enables you to learn 35+ languages via interactive speaking exercises, quizzes, videos, and other bite-sized learning activities.

  • CYPHER Learning®

    The app allows you to access the full feature set of our intelligent learning platform, create courses, connect with learners, track their progress, share resources, and sell courses.

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