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6 Tips on how to make your course website more engaging

Your course website is one of your main lead generation resources. However, visitors don’t always spend enough time to get a good idea of what you are selling. There are some recommendations for boosting website engagement and making sure that the right people see your courses.

  1. Intuitive navigation

    User experience is vital for websites. Keep in mind that navigation is not about how it looks but about how it works. You should have a logical flow on your page for a smooth customer journey.

  2. Clear brand message

    The aim of your course website is to introduce visitors to your brand and vision. However, you also need to make sure that those messages are clear so that everyone can understand them.

  3. Social proof

    Make sure to ask for customer testimonials and showcase the best ones. If you want to gain trust, it’s important to keep them genuine and skip over-the-top reviews.

  4. Adaptive mobile website

    Since most users are visiting your website on mobile, you need to keep them interested. Some key aspects are: easy to find information, design for smaller screens, button sizes, and location.

  5. Contests and giveaways

    Asking your visitors to share the challenge on their social media as part of the game increases visibility, and you’ll see a growth in traffic as more people will want a chance to win.

  6. Website engagement

    To make sure that your website is doing good, you need to keep an eye on a few indicators. These are pageviews, time spent on page, number of leads, and new vs. returning visitors.

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