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CYPHER in the spotlight:
A resounding nod from renowned analysts

Explore a world of acclaim and validation as we proudly showcase CYPHER through the discerning lens of industry leaders. Brandon Hall Group, Craig Weiss, Gartner Group, and Talented Learning have collectively evaluated and endorsed CYPHER, recognizing its innovation and impact in the realms of AI technology, learning, and beyond. Dive into the compelling insights, critiques, and commendations from these esteemed analysts, and discover why CYPHER stands at the forefront of elevated learning solutions.

"A supercharged next-generation technology platform that rocks skills-based learning"

A collection of quotes from Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group

Disrupting the learning space

"CYPHER Learning is disrupting the learning and development space by creating an intuitive, AI-powered platform that offers engaging content and measurable results."

Competency-based learning

"This is a supercharged next-generation technology platform that rocks competency and skills-based learning."

Accuracy and precision

"...delivers unparalleled accuracy and precision in learning."

Inspires learners

"There is no possible way not to learn because the technology inspires learners."

Intuitive for learners

"Moving through the platform is intuitive and fast. The best way to describe the tech is to say it anticipates the moves of the learner. And it’s super powerful."

Intuitive for admins

"CYPHER Learning is an admin’s dream. Forget the steep learning curve, this tech is as intuitive as it gets. This tech truly does save time and energy and is infinitely scalable."

"The best Gen-AI for course content builder"

"The best Gen-AI for course content builder I have seen - regardless if it is a learning system (LMS, LXP, Learning Platform, etc.), a TM/PM platform, and even an authoring tool.

CYPHER Learning.

It is truly amazing in everything you can do, including synthetic audio. The pedagogical capabilities, and the interactivity possibilities. It even includes the hallucinations issue upfront, before anything you do - and the importance of verification.

CYPHER uses multiple LLMs, which is another massive win for me, as it is an excellent route. But that is beyond the discussion around the course builder, which I refer to now as a content creation tool.

That said, I would change some wording on the Pedagogical, such as "Socratic method," which many people will have no idea what that is - nor should they know. I mean, I never, when building a course - interactive and engaging, said, "You know, maybe I should use the Socratic method."


Any vendor who shows you a content creator tool with Gen-AI and says it is the best, I am telling you that so far, this one is. It is even better than Sidekick with Arist (which prides itself on the effective means of course building) and with other authoring tools using Gen-AI.

So, Kudos CYPHER. Kudos."

Craig Weiss Craig Weiss, The Craig Weiss Group

CYPHER Learning emerging as a potential challenger in Fosway 9-Grid

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"It just looks phenomenal"

A collection of quotes from Talented Learning's review of why CYPHER stands out


"The innovation that has been driven out of this platform in the last 12 months is just really jaw dropping and astounding."


"They have one of the best automation engines in the industry."

AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot

"In the industry, it takes a minimum of 40 hours to create an hour's worth of content. Here you’re getting to 80-90% in 10 minutes."


"For anyone who’s an instructional designer, it’ll just knock your socks off to see all of the steps you used to have to do manually that you don’t have to do anymore."


"They’re really good at separating customers from partners or employees."


"The reporting engine they have is just out of this world."


"They have over 1,000 integrations."

User interface

"It just looks phenomenal."

CYPHER named “Powerhouse” vendor by Talented Learning

We’re excited to announce that CYPHER Learning was recognized as a “Powerhouse” player in the learning industry, elevating our spot, compared to 2023, on the 2024 RightFit Solution Grid by Talented Learning.

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