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CYPHER exists to save you time and resources to quickly meet the demands of modern learning


Your decades-long challenge:
Long delivery times, high course demand, never enough resources

In today's accelerated landscape, the time and budget to develop and deploy high-demand courses are increasingly scarce commodities. Plus, allocating resources for seamless delivery and timely updates adds another layer of complexity. It's costly. It's convoluted. It's complex.

Development tech stack

Even with technological advancements and jam-packed tech stacks, creating relevant and engaging courses at a fast pace remains an uphill battle for many content developers.

From all of the language and format requirements to addressing neurodiversity, creating courses just keeps getting more complex. The handoff from creation to delivery is rife with complications, each stage having its own list of prerequisites.

Delivery tech stack

Also with a jam-packed tech stack, traditional learning management systems involve a convoluted series of steps—from uploading content, devising quizzes, and mapping competencies to supporting multiple languages, formats and neurodiversity—that devour precious time.

Personalized learning is a whole other dimension to layer on.

1 platform, 3 powers

Your solution is right here:
content development

CYPHER obliterates these challenges by offering an integrated platform that fuses content development with delivery, thereby...

  • Elevating the user experience at every juncture
  • Moving learning at the speed of change
  • Creating measurable and impactful learning with a maximum ROI
  • Providing personalized learning at scale
  • Reducing the financial and people resources needed for creating and delivering learning

How CYPHER uniquely supports learning

Unified content development and delivery

With robust authoring tools and platform-wide automation, you can easily develop courses, assessments, gamification elements, and map competencies to content – all in one platform. Tailoring courses to individuals is effortless with unique digital learning profiles, ensuring customized learning at scale.

Controlled generative AI

CYPHER AI 360 is a simple and packaged approach to AI. Control content by uploading your own resources – videos, PDFs, etc. – to create customized courses that use your terminology, branding, and style. Rest assured, all of this is private. Create a course in minutes with options like AI voiceover, instructional style, course type, and more!

Personalized skills development

CYPHER revolutionizes conventional, uniform skills training with its competency-focused strategy. CYPHER provides insight into mastery levels and offers tailored learning recommendations. With AI 360, courses are automatically competency mapped, allowing for personalized learning at scale.

Intuitive user interface

CYPHER’s interface is gorgeous, intuitive, and easy to use. From graphical dashboards to adaptive learning paths, our human-centric approach focuses on clarity over complexity, so users find everything they want exactly when and where they expect. “The best way to describe the tech is to say it anticipates the moves of the learner,” said Brandon Hall Group.


CYPHER is the only platform built around sophisticated automation from the ground up to heighten efficiency and scalability. Our advanced automation powers CYPHER’s platform-wide gamification, the largest of its kind, with 120,000 learners participating in weekly periodic leveling challenges. Points frequently reset to encourage active participation and motivation. It’s also allowed CYPHER to be the leader in deploying AI broadly throughout the platform.


CYPHER stands out as the sole platform offering a real-time cross-language communication tool (Universal Translator), for increased inclusive collaboration and community. The platform supports over 50 languages, and with AI 360, courses can be automatically created in each of these languages.

The philosophy behind CYPHER:
human-centric learning

CYPHER exists to ignite lifelong passions through personalized, engaging, and limitless learning experiences for all. That’s why everything on our platform – from our sophisticated user interface to our Universal Translator – is built around human connection and personalized learning. The 4 pillars of human-centric learning are:

Put the learner first

Modern learners are today’s learners. Stay laser-focused on learning experiences that they care about.

It’s all about personalized learning that is tailored to their goals, wants, and needs.

Empower trainers and educators

Give educators, trainers, L&D pros, and admins the gift of time.

Time to teach and train. Time to be creative. Time to problem-solve. Time to connect with learners.

Infuse human connection

Interact with others who share the same learning goals. Build a sense of community with games, leaderboards, chat, forums, activity indicators, Universal Translator, and mentorship. Learning should never make you feel alone.

Measure to get better everyday

Make better decisions about your learning programs with comprehensive data and analytics. Easily view learner progress and performance. Demonstrate learning ROI with skills competency and mastery.

Are you ready to see what CYPHER Learning can do for you?