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24h Educations - Sharing knowledge for good

January 19, 2023

CYPHER LEARNING presents 24h Education - a global, virtual education marathon for 24 hrs!

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Meet the people that drive the success of our company


The CYPHER LEARNING leadership team inspires employees, partners, and customers to reach new heights in education. The high standards that they set for the company build a culture of success that supports constant growth locally and worldwide. 

Their combined expertise and commitment to innovation fuels everyone in the company to get better each day. CYPHER LEARNING leaders aim to create ideas that inspire big results. They think outside the box and look for ways to turn projections into reality.

Graham Glass

CEO and Founder

Graham is a serial entrepreneur, educator, and published author, with a track record of innovation. Graham spent most of his career in the enterprise software space and has always had a passion for education. He started a training department, taught programming languages at UT Dallas, and became an international speaker on educational topics. Graham is a hands-on software engineer that has built several products in web services, infrastructure, and distributed computing.

After selling his last company in 2006, Graham wanted to return back to his teaching roots and build a product that would help schools teach at a large scale and easily reach their students. In 2009, Graham founded CYPHER LEARNING - a company that focused on improving the educational system through its innovative learning platform.

Iyad Jabri

Chief Technical Officer

Hank Courson

Chief Financial Officer

Matt Kane

Chief Revenue Officer

Jennifer Geisler

Chief Marketing Officer

Armando Rangel

VP of Sales, Latin America

Jonathan Durrant

VP of Sales, EMEA

Kevin Serpanchy

VP of Sales, North America

Rik Nelson

VP of Engineering

Tessa Owen

VP of People and Culture

Alina Toderascu

VP of Marketing

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