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Podcast CYPHER Learning

Generative AI in learning - friend not foe

Join CYPHER Learning’s CEO, Graham Glass, and Brandon Hall Group™ COO and Principal HCM Analyst Rachel Cooke on Episode 252 as they discuss how generative learning is transforming in workplace learning.

What you will learn:

  • Generative AI is transforming how businesses create training content, allowing for rapid iteration and personalization of courses. Platforms like CYPHER Learning leverage generative AI to build customizable courses in minutes
  • Providing frontline workers with access to generative AI for personalized, just-in-time learning in their workflow is the future of workplace learning platforms.
  • Incorporating a company’s private data into generative learning content allows for hyper-personalized employee training.
  • People shouldn’t fear AI but rather embrace it as an amazing tool to augment human abilities.