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4 Basic steps on how to set up a sales funnel for your online course

Learning is trending right now. We live in a time when everyone strives to become a better version of themselves and the possibilities for doing that are highly accessible. If you want to create and sell your own online course, it’s a good time to do so.

However, since you’re not the only one aware of the opportunity, you’ll need to learn a few things about online sales. One of the most important things is to set up a sales funnel, which is the process of leading customers — from the first time they become aware of a solution to the part where they come back to buy more courses.

As a general blueprint for setting up a sales funnel, here are four basic steps to follow:

  1. Identify your client persona

    A successful marketing strategy is always aimed at the right audience. Aspects such as client demographics, interests, leisure time, their preferred ways of communication and their online behavior are relevant to you as an entrepreneur. Getting as much information as possible allows you to craft the ideal client persona.

  2. Find a good hook

    Your intended audience is surrounded by many other marketers trying to win them over so you have to stand out. In other words, your brand’s story has to “hook” visitors. It has to be entertaining and relevant enough to keep people reading (or watching).

  3. Craft an awesome landing page

    This is the point where it stops being a “chance meeting” online and becomes a relationship. Your landing page needs to spark their interest and convince them to leave their email address, connect with you on social media or enroll in a course.

  4. Make the sale

    It’s good to have an automated emailing system in place and gradually work toward making your offer. Once you send it, put an expiration date on it – offering a discount or some special bonus for a limited time will create a sense of urgency and increase the chances of closing a sale. You can also send them additional free materials to entice them to buy more.

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