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Infographic CYPHER Learning

8 Predictions for AI in 2024

Reactive to Proactive AI
Prediction #1
2024 brings the dawn of AI’s genuine assistive power and value. We will witness the rise of proactive AI that actively engages with users rather than wait for user inputs.

Raw AI vs Packaged AI 
Prediction #2
AI will evolve quickly from raw, ungoverned experimental tools into more refined and integrated forms subject to human control.

Remote training for remote managers
Prediction #3
The rise of remote work necessitates new management training focused on remote team leadership, and it’s AI to the rescue.

AI helps build a versatile ‘jack-of-all trades’ workforce
Prediction #4
Companies will use AI in learning programs to enhance their own versatility, emphasizing particular competencies for each employee plus soft skills in modular learning and development.

Demand for upskilling and reskilling
Prediction #5
AI and digital transformation will heighten pressure on L&D teams to rapidly develop training for vital skills, widening the gap between adaptable and non-adaptable entities, and driving increased use of AI-powered solutions for efficiency.

Improving individual quality of life
Prediction #6
AI will revolutionize household tasks, healthcare, and personalized services for individuals.

Job market metamorphosis enters full swing
Prediction #7
Hold onto your workplace hat. AI redefines employment trends, but with far more winners and losers.

Policing for AI bias
Prediction #8
More effort goes to remedying the cultural biases baked into early-stage AI, starting with more diverse developers and training sources. 

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