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6 Personal branding tips for knowledge entrepreneurs

Building online courses is a great way of sharing your passion with others, as well as a source of additional income. So, as with any online endeavor, it is necessary to stand out among other people that are also selling their courses online. That is why we present to you a short guide to kickstart your personal branding journey:

  1. Define your purpose

    Finding your ”why” is an often-repeated piece of advice in the business world. That is because it works. So, to start playing your cards right, you might want to ask questions such as: What do I stand for? What do I want to achieve with my online course? and Why would anyone choose my course and not someone else’s?

  2. Do not get stuck in the details

    Some creative entrepreneurs might want to choose a different name for their online business. However, it’s OK to change your mind when you find a better idea. People, just as businesses, are allowed to re-brand anytime they want, and you don’t need to get stuck in the naming phase before doing anything for your personal brand.

  3. Choose your platform

    Although it feels like you have to be everywhere in order to be visible online, the secret to success is to persevere with one platform. Choose a main platform to host your courses, such as an LMS. Then, choose a social media channel that brings most of your customers to your website. For starters, less is actually more.

  4. Consistency is key

    If you want to successfully use your personal brand to sell online courses, you need to show consistency in what you do. Use the same username everywhere, whether it is your online course URL, podcast host, or social media. Keep platforms up to date, such as your blog or Instagram, and show consistency in your message to your audience.

  5. Sharing your message

    The best personal branding examples out there all share a common thing: effective storytelling. The message that you will share with your audience needs to be uniquely you. This should be reflected in everything you do, from the images you post to what you write on social media, your brand colors, and more.

  6. Engaging your audience

    Engagement can be the key to attracting more and more learners to your online courses. The “secret” is to be relatable, as people want to learn from a person, not a business. For example, entrepreneurs that have a strong personal brand are usually as honest as possible about their struggles as well as their achievements.

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