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How to keep parents engaged in school activities using an LMS

A key aspect of student wellbeing is the involvement of parents in their academic lives. However, parents are busy with day to day activities and may struggle to keep up with how their children are doing in school. That’s where technology offers a helping hand.

A learning management system (LMS) is a great way for parents to contact teachers, check their children's grades, and stay connected with everything related to school activities. Here are some ways in which you can take advantage of the school LMS to engage them and make them part of the learning community:

  1. Instant insights on student progress

    An LMS encourages parents to become more involved with quick access to important insights into their children’s academic progress. They are the first to find out important school-related information. For example, parents can check on assignment deadlines and upcoming school events.

  2. Effective communication between parents and teachers

    Parents enjoy receiving regular updates, and this helps keep everything transparent. They can send direct messages to teachers and administrators. Simultaneously, schools can use automation to send custom notifications to parents whenever students complete a class, receive an award, receive a low score on an assignment, and more.

  3. Building a community for parents

    A great way to get parents more engaged in school activities is to build a group for them within the LMS to connect with fellow parents and faculty. Having an outlet where they can exchange ideas and express concerns about their children will make them feel part of a community with the same goals and interests.

  4. Get parents to use the LMS

    Parents can also benefit from using the school LMS, as they get to familiarize themselves with the tool that students use daily. For example, schools can put together short courses for parents on various topics such as supporting their children during exam time or working with children to improve their grades.

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