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Ensuring continuous education in the hybrid or virtual classroom

Not getting an education is not an option. In the context of the global pandemic, everyone expressed a higher interest in online learning and the technologies that make online education possible. The hybrid or virtual classrooms have fast become sound alternatives to traditional educational settings, ensuring students continue learning wherever they may be located. Although not perfect, these online solutions bring along specific advantages. It’s up to all education specialists to design effective online instruction and create the best online learning experiences for students.

This white paper presents a few best practices for navigating the unknown and exploring the wonderful possibilities the online learning environment offers.

What you will learn from this white paper:

  • Why the asynchronous learning mindset is so important
  • Why the online learning environment requires specific instructional design
  • Why relationships matter even more online
  • Why educators need education as well

Download the white paper now and start designing the best learning experiences for students in hybrid or virtual classrooms!

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true https://www.cypherlearning.com/hubfs/docs/academia/CYPHER-Best-practices-for-ensuring-continuous-education-in-the-hybrid-or-virtual-classroom.pdf
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