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Benefits of being a reseller for CYPHER Learning

Significant margin opportunities

Marketing assets and sales expertise

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Why become a CYPHER reseller

Innovative technology

Join the forefront of AI-powered training and education innovation with CYPHER, a leading learning platform that empowers organizations to excel through engaging and personalized learning experiences.

Lucrative opportunities

Tap into a lucrative market by offering CYPHER's comprehensive generative learning platform. Benefit from competitive margins and recurring revenue streams while meeting the growing demand for high-quality training and educational platforms.

Comprehensive support

Comprehensive support: Receive comprehensive support from CYPHER's dedicated team. Access training programs, marketing materials, and technical assistance to help you succeed as a reseller and deliver exceptional value to your customers.

Flexibility and autonomy

Enjoy the flexibility and autonomy of running your own learning platform business. Set your own pricing, target markets, and strategies, empowering you to tailor your offerings to meet the unique learning needs of your clients.

Trusted reputation

Partner with a trusted name in the learning platform industry. CYPHER is known for its human-centric approach, comprehensive AI innovation, and commitment to enhancing learning outcomes, providing you with a strong foundation to build and grow your reseller business.

Global reach

Leverage CYPHER's global reach to expand your market presence. Access opportunities to collaborate with organizations worldwide, driving growth and success for your reseller business.

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