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Our company

What is CYPHER Learning arrow

CYPHER Learning® provides an intelligent learning platform that is empowering schools, businesses, and entrepreneurs worldwide to reimagine online education and deliver the best learning experiences. CYPHER Learning has solutions for all major e-learning sectors: CYPHER Neo™ for K-20, CYPHER Matrix™ for Business, and CYPHER Indie™ for Entrepreneurs. Relied on by millions of users at thousands of organizations, CYPHER Learning supports 50+ languages and has offices worldwide with global headquarters in Plano, Texas.

Where does your company have offices?arrow

CYPHER Learning is headquartered in Plano, Texas. The company has a global presence in locations such as the USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Jordan, South Africa, Dubai, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Australia.

What makes CYPHER Learning so unique?arrow

CYPHER Learning is currently the only company on the market that provides an intelligent learning platform for each e-learning segment: academic, corporate, and entrepreneurs. Our products are built on the same core platform. They share some functionalities and the overall design of the platform, but they’re targeted towards different markets. CYPHER Neo is an LMS for schools and universities, CYPHER Matrix is an LMS for business, and CYPHER Indie is an LMS for entrepreneurs. For each of our products, we have created special functionalities that address the needs of each market.

When was the company founded?arrow

The company first started with CYPHER Neo in 2009 which soon grew into a very popular LMS for schools. In 2010, the company launched the business version CYPHER Matrix. In 2017 CYPHER Indie, an LMS for Entrepreneurs was also launched. The CEO and Founder of CYPHER Learning is Graham Glass, an educator, speaker, published author, and serial entrepreneur with a track record of innovation.

Our products

What is the difference between CYPHER Neo, CYPHER Matrix, and CYPHER Indie?arrow

CYPHER Neo LMS is an intelligent learning platform for Schools and Universities that delivers a great user experience, while incorporating all the essential tools schools need to support efficient teaching and learning. Only schools for children and accredited universities that award degrees are eligible to use CYPHER Neo.

CYPHER Matrix LMS is an intelligent learning platform for Business that helps companies and organizations create and manage e-learning activities, such as delivering training, tracking employee performance, and selling online courses at a large scale. Businesses, non-profit organizations, and vocational training companies are eligible to use CYPHER Matrix.

CYPHER Indie LMS is an intelligent learning platform for Entrepreneurs and was designed for individuals that want an accessible way to market their knowledge by creating, delivering, and selling self-paced online courses. Individuals and small entrepreneurs are eligible to use CYPHER Indie.

Read success stories from our clients worldwide for CYPHER Neo and CYPHER Matrix, and CYPHER Indie.

What is the feature difference between CYPHER Neo and CYPHER Matrix?arrow

The functionality of each site differs only slightly. For example, CYPHER Neo provides parent accounts to allow parents to monitor the progress of their children, whereas CYPHER Matrix allows users to be associated with specific organizations and provides manager accounts to allow managers to monitor the progress of learners in their organization. Both sites provide unlimited storage, but CYPHER Matrix supports larger individual file size limits.

What makes CYPHER Neo the best learning platform for K-12 and Higher Ed?arrow

CYPHER Neo is an intelligent learning platform (ILP) with an intuitive design and powerful features that provides a large set of indispensable functionalities that schools and universities need to support efficient teaching and learning online. CYPHER Neo is highly customizable and easy to adjust to suit any grade level. Many of the NEO features can be enabled or disabled to suit young children through to college students. Check these pages for more details on how CYPHER Neo works for K-12 and Higher Ed institutions.

Pricing plans

Why should we purchase CYPHER Neo when we can use a free version such as Google Classroom?arrow

CYPHER Neo is a powerful learning platform that provides all the functionalities schools need to create and manage learning activities.

Google Classroom is also a learning platform, but it lacks many features that are essential for academic institutions. CYPHER Neo is a more modern, powerful, and intuitive LMS, for both K-12 and Higher Education institutions.

CYPHER Neo offers more features in a single platform designed to help schools manage all classroom activities in an easy and efficient way.

What is different about your products compared to your competitors?arrow

Our platform is very intuitive, easy to use, and visually appealing, which makes the whole experience more engaging and enjoyable for all users. The navigation is simple, and you can customize the platform to match your brand and fit your needs.

Our platform is built to ensure a smooth implementation and they’re easily adopted by students, teachers, trainers, and entrepreneurs. We offer support for 50+ languages, mobile apps for all devices, and accessibility features so all users can enjoy the platform.

CYPHER Learning products provide complete solutions with powerful features for managing all teaching and learning activities for schools, organizations, and entrepreneurs.

We’re also focused on bringing innovation through our platform, by creating cutting-edge features that other systems do not support such as automation, adaptive learning, and competency-based learning.

Support and security

What technical support do you provide?arrow

We offer 24/5 full support and support for critical issues over the weekend. We provide support primarily via forums and email, which we have found to be the most efficient means for both our customers and our support staff. Technical support is available to Premium plans only.

Where is your support team located?arrow

We have support teams located in the US, Latin America, the Philippines, and Europe. Through our various support teams, we make sure to cover all time zones when our customers may need help.

Does your platform work on mobile devices?arrow

Yes, you can download our CYPHER Neo mobile app for iOS or our CYPHER Neo mobile app for Android to enjoy using CYPHER Neo anytime, anywhere. You can also download the CYPHER Matrix mobile app for Android or the CYPHER Matrix mobile app for iOS. The CYPHER Indie mobile app for Android is also available to download. 

We support all browsers on the latest two versions of Android and iOS. Our system has a responsive design so it will adapt to the size of your device's browser.

What languages does your platform support?arrow

We currently support over 50 languages, and our integration translation system makes it easy for volunteers to add additional languages.

How secure and reliable is your cloud-hosted platform?arrow

Our sites have had 99.99% uptime, no data loss, and no security breaches since we launched in 2009.

Are you GDPR compliant?arrow

Yes, our company is GDPR compliant - Data processing.

What kind of security measures do you take?arrow

By default, all web pages are served using HTTPS. Our Amazon cloud infrastructure is hosted in a virtual private cloud. All personal passwords are encrypted. Our e-commerce integration is PCI compliant, and financial data never even touches our servers. All access to files, such as images and videos, are via URLs that are individually encrypted for each user to prevent unauthorized sharing of resources. Our database is encrypted at rest. We perform automated vulnerability scans on our systems and source code. We perform regular penetration testing.


Is there a setup fee?arrow

No, we do not charge any kind of setup fee. CYPHER Neo has a pay-as-you-go system. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time, and the change takes effect on the next billing cycle.

How long does it take to implement your platform?arrow

Our platform is very easy to implement in just a few simple steps. Here are the first steps when getting started with CYPHER Neo. You can also visit the CYPHER Matrix implementation page or the CYPHER Indie implementation page to learn more.

Can I integrate CYPHER Neo with my SIS system?arrow

Our SIS integration allows you to synchronize data such as accounts, classes, and sessions from your SIS to CYPHER Neo without any manual intervention. Our SIS integration partner is Clever and we can also assist with a custom SIS integration if needed.

Can you help us migrate our content and students/learners from another system?arrow

Our team of EdTech specialists can assist you in migrating your existing content to our platform, including the creation of custom migration tools when appropriate.

Do you provide training for teachers and administrators?arrow

Our EdTech team can deliver online training or live training at your location in a classroom environment. All our instructors are experts with our platform, and the training includes plenty of hands-on experience for all user types.

Integrations and hosting

With what systems does your platform integrate?arrow
  • CYPHER Neo integrates with many third-party apps and tools for education, you can find a complete list here.
  • CYPHER Matrix integrates with many third-party apps and tools for training, you can find a complete list here.
  • CYPHER Indie integrates with many third-party apps and tools for online courses, you can find a complete list here.
Do you have storage and bandwidth limits?arrow

No, we provide unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth.

What is your backup strategy?arrow

Our automated backup system creates an on-site and off-site copy of our database every day. In addition, we maintain secure off-site copies of every document that is uploaded to our site.

Do you offer a version that we can host ourselves?arrow

We are primarily a cloud-hosted service, which allows us to offer the site at a low cost as well as easily add new features and fix issues when they are detected. We do not provide a downloadable version for individual schools, but we offer source code licensing for large companies or well-funded startups who wish to deploy our platform on a large scale.

Where are your servers located?arrow

Our servers are located in the Amazon data centers in Virginia - USA, Frankfurt - Germany, and Sydney - Australia.

What software and hardware does your platform use?arrow

Our platform is built using the latest software and hardware technology. The code is written using Ruby on Rails and a small number of third-party libraries. It is hosted using Phusion Passenger Enterprise on Apache2. The system runs on the Amazon Cloud, and is designed for security and reliability. For example, there are no single points of failure in the architecture, which spans multiple availability zones. The hardware infrastructure includes the Route 53, ELB, EC2, S3, RDS, SES, ElastiCache, and CloudSearch services from Amazon.