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The great training divide: C-suite vs employee

Employers and employees don’t see eye-to-eye on 
the value of meaningful training, and it’s creating a predicament for L&D

While employees have the desire for more high-quality, engaging and personalized training, it seems that executives feel their current training programs are adequate. That may be because the C-suite seems to be the population with the greatest access to training. Of those that received workplace training, 42% of C-level executives and owners reported receiving more training in the past year compared to the year before, while only 17% of entry level employees could say the same. This is most likely because the higher employees climb the corporate ladder, there’s more opportunity for tailored, person-alized training. 92% of executives believe training is relevant to their jobs, compared to only 77% of employees.

Not only do executives have access to more training, but they also have access to higher-quality programs

Number of training options
88% of executives are given more flexible training options compared to 37% of employees.

Training is enjoyable
Executives are almost 3X more likely to call training “enjoyable” than their employees.

Training is a chore
While executives believe training is enjoyable, they are also more likely to view it as a chore. 64% of executives believe training is a chore compared to 24% of employees.

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