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Faster than you can floss and brush your teeth! Meet AI 360 with Copilot, your AI-powered course creation assistant.


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While your competitors have generic, outdated courses, you can create and update courses faster than you ever thought possible. What’s more? Your course content can be mapped to competencies, assessments, gamification - complete with reporting…in minutes. This is true “just in time, just for me, just the way I want it” learning. 

Let AI 360 do the mundane work. You focus on what matters most.

Pulling an entire course together is a lot of work. It takes about 430 hours to create just one comprehensive course. From content creation to competency mapping to creating assessments to adding imagery to making it fun to developing study guides to tracking progress…no wonder you’re stretched and stressed. CYPHER AI 360 can decrease the administrative burden of course creation and do 80% of the work. It’s content development and course creation the way you want it.


Their way

Clunky and basic


Your way

Innovative and sophisticated

Generalized content creation from Internet
Upload own resources to create a course
No integrated skills development or competencies
Automated mapping of content to competencies
No integrated assessments
Automated mapping of assessments to content
No integrated gamification
Automated gamification mapped to course
No integrated AI imagery
Choose different AI-synthetic images
No integrated AI voiceover
Choose from 30+ AI-synthetic voices
No integrated customization
Customize your course with your tone, brand, content
Limited language translation
Create a course in 50+ languages
Create courses from the content you already have

Use AI 360 to upload a resource (video, PDF, etc.) to create customized courses unique to your terminology, processes, brand, and culture. You choose what content is included and what isn’t. Great for creating courses for:

Transform static courses into engaging experiences

Create engaging, multisensory experiences with CYPHER’s cutting-edge voice synthesis capabilities. Explore 35+ voices. Easily adjust reading speeds. Upload your own voice, too!

Create a course in a few minutes for a few dollars

AI 360 helped businesses and academic institutions create and deliver courses in record time and with less resources. Here are results from our AI 360 customers…

"In the industry, it takes a minimum of 40 hours to create an hour's worth of content. Here you’re getting to 80-90% in 10 minutes…it’ll just knock your socks off to see all of the steps you used to have to do manually that you don’t have to do anymore."

John Leh

John Leh

Talented Learning

CYPHER content development powers you can’t live without

Automated course creation in minutes that you can edit any way you want. See all the CYPHER AI 360 powers that will accelerate the way you work. It will forever change the way you create courses - for the better.

Course customization

Customize your course with your tone, brand, content. Upload PDFs, docs, video, etc.!

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Automated mapping content to competencies

Competency and skills mapping with 3000+ already preloaded

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Automated mapping content to assessments

AI-created question banks, quizzes, and assignments (automatically mapped to rubrics!)

Learn more

Automated mapping content to gamification

Automatic creation of awards and badges to recognize learner achievements

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AI synthetic imagery

Have AI generate images for all your modules! Or use an existing library of images and videos

More AI images

AI synthetic voiceover

Choose from multiple types of AI synthesized voice overs or use your own for any course

More AI voice over


50+ languages – Create a course in a language you want

More languages

Content integration choices

Choose from a flexible selection of custom-made and ready-made content collections

More content

Choose your powers!
Your path. Your pace. Your potential.

Start your journey with our Learning Management System (LMS) for solid foundations, then amplify your capabilities when the time is right. Elevate your learning initiatives with our Learning Experience Platform (LXP) capabilities for personalized and engaging content delivery. And when you're ready to create your own content, unlock the full potential of leading AI innovation with our robust content development tools.

It's your path, your pace, your powers – tailor your learning journey your way.



Give learners what they need, before they need it

Our award-winning learning management software that helps you move faster on learning initiatives than ever before.

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Deliver highly personalized learning in less time

LXPs are more than just a new LMS—it’s a whole new way for all to learn and grow while saving time and resources.

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Build courses faster—no experience required

AI 360 with Copilot accelerates the creation of competency-based, gamified courses, with assessments in minutes.

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AI 360 with Copilot FAQs

We are currently seeing an average of 5 to 10 minutes to create a comprehensive course including assessments, gamification, competency, and more. Though AI 360 with Copilot can get 80% of the mundane work done in minutes, the final 20% still needs human intelligence to validate the content and overall learning experience. Afterall, it's called Copilot, not auto pilot.

We use a variety of AI technologies. At CYPHER, we take a holistic approach called AI 360 - a thoughtfully guided and purposeful packaging of AI to benefit everyone involved in the learning experience.

If you used ChatGPT this is what you would need to do for a single course with the assumption that it would require 150 inquiries to use ChatGPT to create a course.

  1. Identify the 150 inquires (questions) you need to ask ChatGPT
  2. Ask ChatGPT 150 questions
  3. Consolidate all the responses
  4. Put the responses in a course template
  5. Remaining steps are manual such as formatting, gamification, assessments, competencies mapping, and rubrics mapping. Not to mention you'll need to manually add and source visuals, video, and audio options. 

So while useful to get base content, that is ChatGPT where it stops.

No. AI 360 with Copilot is guided and meaningful with AI-packaged up behind the scenes. You don’t need to be trained on how Microsoft Word works, you just need to know how to use it. Right? Same for AI 360 with Copilot.

It’s real - this is NOT a BETA release. Customers are already using and experiencing significant savings in time and cost from AI 360. CYPHER is the first and only company to leverage AI for customers to upload their own resources such as video and PDFs in order to create customized courses using their own brand, terminology, and style. Beyond this astonishing capability, innovation and automation are foundations of the CYPHER platform. AI is integrated across and into our core capabilities. AI is not an afterthought nor was it shoehorned into our platform.

Yes! Using the LTI standard, CYPHER can publish courses into any other LMS that uses LTI. This means you get more than just beautiful course content. You also get engaging and comprehensive gamification, assessments, competencies, reporting and measurement when using the CYPHER platform. See more about LTI

Yes! We have enterprise-class integration capabilities that make it easy. See more about integrations.

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