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8 Reasons to choose CYPHER as your LMS

In an ever-expanding pool of LMS vendors, it can be hard for businesses to find the right one. The first step is to identify the unique company learning needs, then compare and contrast with what an LMS has to offer and how it can help with achieving your learning objectives. Check out what CYPHER can do for you!

  1. Easy to use

    Our platform is very intuitive, easy to use, and visually appealing, which makes learning more engaging and enjoyable for all users. We support 50+ languages, mobile apps for all devices, and accessibility features so all users can enjoy the platform.

  2. Easy to implement

    Our platform was designed to ensure a quick and smooth implementation. Most clients can configure and customize their site within a few hours, not months. CYPHER is very easily adopted by learners, instructors, and managers.

  3. Powerful features

    We provide a complete solution with indispensable features for any business such as content authoring, e-commerce, gamification, automation, micro learning, web conferencing, compliance, and integration with the most popular third-party apps.

  4. Save time on training tasks

    CYPHER helps instructors eliminate rigorous manual work and automate tasks such as preparing course material, organizing resources and audiences, tracking learner progress, and more.

  5. Boosts learning outcomes

    Easily develop the skills of your employees and track their mastery using innovative functionalities such as competency-based learning, adaptive learning, recommendations engine, learning paths, and more.

  6. Highly customizable

    Create your own custom portal and use it as a central hub to display online courses, communicate company news, and manage events. Our platform can be matched to your company’s brand by adding a personalized logo, URL, color scheme, and more.

  7. Support at every step

    Our support staff is very efficient, helpful, and responds to customer questions in a timely manner. We provide extensive searchable online help, a support forum, a library of how-to videos, getting started guides, and a learner help desk.

  8. Reduces costs

    Save money by using one integrated solution for all training activities. Our pricing is driven by your enrollment needs. There are no setup fees, storage fees, and technical support is included in each plan.

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