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Create compelling content

The CYPHER LMS platform is your unified solution for comprehensive content development. Effortlessly craft courses, gamification elements, assessments, and more in over 50 languages. Harness the power of AI to automatically map content to competencies and revolutionize your approach to learning. Create engaging, multimedia-rich, and skill-focused courses in minutes, cutting down on administrative drudgery and focusing more time inspiring and connecting with learners. Embrace modern content creation and revolutionize learning with our generative learning platform.

“In the industry, it takes a minimum of 40 hours to create an hour's worth of content. Here you’re getting to 80-90% in 10 minutes…it’ll just knock your socks off to see all of the steps you used to have to do manually that you don’t have to do anymore.” john-leh John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst, Talented Learning

Supercharged content creation with AI. In minutes.

CYPHER AI 360 with Copilot will supercharge your content development and delivery experience. Build multimedia, gamified, skills-based training in minutes. Automated mapping of content to competencies, assessments, and reporting makes competency based learning possible (CBL). Tailor your courses to your training approach by choosing from various teaching styles, difficulty levels, and writing tones. Personalize further with additional instructions and cater to diverse educator personas. Create modular courses with multimedia resources, AI-generated imagery, and flexible content formats. Include  voice-over options and gamification elements. There are a variety of options for your AI-powered course development.


Upload your own competencies or choose from our comprehensive pre-loaded skills and competencies data bank. You have the option to specify the number of competencies needed.

Choose from various styles like Instructor, Blended, Self-paced, Micro Course.

Set difficulty levels like Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.

Define writing styles like Professional, Formal, Casual, Academic, Humorous.

Add additional instructions for a personalized touch.

Craft courses in multiple languages, including localized content.

Tailor to different personas like Thoughtful, Traditional, Scholarly, Storyteller, Practical Expert, Inspirational Motivator, Entrepreneurial Thinker, Philosophical Thinker, Friendly Mentor, Entertainer, Science Enthusiast, Futuristic Thinker.


Design courses in modules with 5-20 modules and 3-5 pages per module. Opt for long-form or short-form content pages.

Upload your proprietary resources like Video, PDF, PowerPoint, Word to create training specific to your terminology, brand, and tone.

Use AI for course and tile imagery with style options like 3D Model, Analog Film, Anime, Cinematic, Comic Book, Digital Art, and more.

Explore voice-over options, including Auto-Player, Click to Play, and ability to choose from 35+ different voices. Enable micro-learning format with adjustable reading speeds.

AI 360 can create additional resources like Glossaries and Study Guides.

AI 360 can create multiple assessments, questions, freeform/essay assessments, and quizzes that are all mapped to competencies.

Implement gamification elements like Badges, Points, and Periodic Leveling.

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Refine and modify your course

Customize and elevate your course content effortlessly with CYPHER’s comprehensive suite of tools designed for tailored learning experiences. After AI 360 generates 80% of your course content, you can further customize and modify it to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Utilize the built-in content authoring tool

Create engaging courses fast with our built-in content authoring tool, offering the flexibility to embed 17 different content types on our platform. Enjoy the convenience of uploading and showcasing images, videos, sound files, HTML, PDF, and Word documents. Seamlessly integrate hyperlinks to online resources for enriched and efficient learning experiences. Simplify organization with intuitive tagging and folder features, promoting quick resource accessibility. You can also make courses more interactive by integrating SCORM and H5P content.

Leverage Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) tools

Our platform seamlessly integrates with thousands of LTI-based tools – external resources like courses, videos, assessments, and more – streamlining customization and enriching your courses with diverse content. We support the most modern version of LTI, making our platform one of the few corporate LMSs to support the important LTI standard.

Take your learners on a journey

Sequence goals using learning paths

Motivate learners to reach their goals with tailored learning paths. A path is a special kind of course in which you can bundle together multiple sections, course goals, and certificate goals. This allows you to create a structured roadmap for learners by organizing various materials and objectives seamlessly and efficiently.

Customize and gamify paths

Configure whether goals have to be completed sequentially, define actions that are triggered when learners complete path goals, and more. You can even gamify paths so that as learners progress, they’re rewarded with points and badges to increase motivation. 

Create powerful flows

Combine course goals and certificate goals with other kinds of sections such as content pages and assessments to create more dynamic flows. For example, you could start a path with a video, then require the learner to complete a course, then follow with a quiz that tests their knowledge.

Show off your course

Beautiful course overview pages

Each course can have its own overview page in the catalog with important details such as the course description, content outline, reviews, certificates awarded, and more.

Drag and drop course dashboard

The course dashboard displays the most important information about a course, such as relevant statistics on learners, assessments, and more. Widgets can also be integrated with ad-hoc reports for easy, comprehensive viewing.

Graphical catalog

Showcase the courses you create using the course catalog. Organize courses in categories and subcategories and allow learners to easily enroll in a course from the catalog.

Share your course

Sync course content

Efficiently manage multiple sections of a course with our unique course sync feature. This feature enables you to save time by effortlessly syncing updates and modifications made in the master copy to all other sections, ensuring consistency and accuracy across the board.

Publish your course

Distribute courses across various learning platforms. Because CYPHER is an LTI provider, you can seamlessly embed your courses into other platforms, promoting accessibility and availability for all of your learners.


“It is truly amazing in everything you can do, including synthetic audio… Any vendor who shows you a content creator tool with Gen-AI and says it is the best, I am telling you that so far, this one is.”

Craig Weiss, CEO and Lead Analyst of The Craig Weiss Group and CEO and founder of FindAnLMS


“CYPHER has allowed our team to create, host, and develop a full catalog of courses of multiple types and offer those to both in-person and virtual students.”

COO, Small Business Professional Services Company


“In the industry, it takes a minimum of 40 hours to create an hour's worth of content. Here you’re getting to 80-90% in 10 minutes… It’ll just knock your socks off to see all of the steps you used to have to do manually that you don’t have to do anymore.”

John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst, Talented Learning