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Lead magnets - 10 offers your audience can't refuse

Email is one of the most important assets of any online business. In order to sell your online course to as many people as possible you need to collect email addresses and nurture your email list. The best way to get more email subscribers and build a relationship with them is through lead magnets.

A lead magnet is a valuable incentive offered to potential buyers in exchange for their email address or other contact information. Lead magnets come in various shapes and sizes; here are some examples:

  1. White papers

    These take an intricate subject and present it in a nutshell. They are meant to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.

  2. E-books

    These can address broader issues and do so in a more entertaining way. They need to be authoritative but also accessible to a large audience.

  3. Webinars

    These are great for connecting with prospective leads and customers and interacting with your audience. They bring a personal touch to your course.

  4. Infographics

    These give a concise view of an otherwise broad situation, all the while wrapped in really nice graphics. Great infographics make an impact and are easily remembered.

  5. Checklists

    These condense everything that the user needs to know into one, actionable list. It's really easy to create one and users love them.

  6. Quizzes

    These are highly interactive and engaging and most of all, easy to create. There are online tools that cost very little or nothing at all that can help you build a good quiz or survey.

  7. Coupons

    These work really well because most people who make online purchases like to shop around for deals. A small discount to your course can be a sweet deal.

  8. Videos

    These are engaging and immersive. People always prefer watching educational videos to reading too many pages. Plus, almost all marketers include videos in their strategies.

  9. Case studies

    These could give prospects at the bottom of your marketing funnel that one last push they need to buy your course, thanks to the built-in social proof.

  10. Toolkits

    These combine multiple resources into one, to create even more value. A toolkit might include a whitepaper or e-book, a video and also a template the user could adapt later on.


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