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How to create highly personalized learning paths for your employees

How can companies ensure that their employees get access to the right learning materials with so many options to choose from?

That’s a job for learning paths. Learning paths have the advantage of making it easy to deliver personalized content to learners. They are a series of courses with gradual difficulty levels, intended to lead learners step by step towards their goals. Yet, not all paths are the same. What you want are highly personalized learning paths.

Let’s have a look at some of the tools that help you create them:

  1. Automation

    Automation means flexibility when building learning paths and workload reduction. Using a learning platform, instructors define actions that are triggered when certain conditions are met. For example, when a new HR employee joins the company, you can set a rule to enroll them in an onboarding path automatically and receive a certificate upon completion.

  2. Gamification

    You can create a game for each learning path, then award points and badges when learners complete their goals. Gamification ensures a more fun experience as learners advance from one goal to another. You can display a leaderboard for extra motivation and add team games in which trainees engage in a friendly learning competition.

  3. Dynamic flows

    Traditional learning paths are usually a selection of courses. Still, you can create dynamic flows by adding other types of content. Instead of having just courses as goals, you can also have quizzes, videos, certificates, etc. For example, start a path with a video, then ask the learner to complete a course, and follow up with a quiz that tests their knowledge.

  4. Smart recommendations

    Using smart recommendations is one of the best ways to build highly personalized learning paths. For example, if someone wants to learn Graphic Design, an intelligent learning platform would first perform a skills gap analysis to identify their current graphic design skill level. Based on this, the platform will provide content and course recommendations to the learner.

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