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Podcast CYPHER Learning

How is AI transforming LMS content creation?

John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning, hosted Graham Glass, the CEO and founder of CYPHER Learning, on The Talented Learning Show.

With AI dominating the business technology space, it’s no surprise that learning systems vendors are making bold moves. That’s what CYPHER Learning has done through the development of the new AI-driven tool.

The Talented Learning Show podcast episode

Key takeaways

  • Content creation is an obvious use case for learning systems AI. CYPHER’s new Copilot AI authoring raises the bar by automating instructional design and content sourcing and assembly.
  • Eliminating the need for third-party authoring tools and drastically reducing the time to create and maintain content, intra-LMS authoring has become a critical differentiator for LMS buyers.