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CYPHER for academia

Teach faster. Track better. Learn quicker.


Modern learning in motion

Need to engage students? Want more time to teach and connect with students? Struggling to track performance and progress? The CYPHER platform takes the chore out of learning and teaching. Our beautiful, intuitive, and AI-powered platform engages students, gives time back to teach and train, provides insights to drive better outcomes - all while keeping the human connection. Just the way modern learners expect.

Our human-centric approach is perfect for teachers, instructors, and administrators in schools, universities, colleges, and trade schools. From skills-based learning to sophisticated automation and leveled-up gamification to the intuitive interface - every aspect has been thoughtfully built to modernize and energize the way we live and learn.

CNN amazed by AI 360 course creation

Supercharged class creation. In minutes.

AI 360 with Copilot will supercharge your class creation experience. Build multimedia, gamified, skill / competency-based classes in minutes.

AI 360 with Copilot


A comprehensive, modern learning platform built to unleash human potential.

Personalized learning puts people first

Students have customized learning paths based on their digital profile and competencies they need to master. Get personalized learning at scale.

Personalized skills
Give teachers more time to teach

Automate class creation, gamification, assessments, etc. so you have more time to teach and connect with students.

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Infused human connection

Students can regularly up-skill, re-skill, and cross-skill with custom learning paths. We’re all about personalized learning that is tailored to the student.

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Insightful reports and analytics

Demonstrate learning ROI with skills competency and mastery. Make better decisions about your learning programs.

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Trusted by schools and universities around the world

The platform for all your teaching needs


Our platform supports every student on their learning journey from kindergarten to college.

Higher ed

Build personalized classes and prepare students for real-world careers with the CYPHER platform.

92% of surveyed schools agreed with the following statement:

“CYPHER has transformed our institution, making it easy for teachers to create online classes and for students to stay engaged and have an enjoyable learning experience anytime, anywhere.”

Survey of 153 clients using CYPHER


For teachers

Make teaching a breeze

Teachers are the pillars of education. CYPHER's LMS helps them build high-quality classes and frees up their time so they can focus on having a greater impact on their students.

Easily create engaging content for your classes
Personalize student content based on goals and performance
Choose from a variety of assignment types
Save time by setting goals

For students

Learn together and have fun

Students have broad academic expectations. Design learning that is fun, engaging, and prepares them for real-world careers.

Award students with points & badges
Gain mastery of the concepts taught
Chat with students and faculty members
Allow students to showcase their achievements

For management

Realize learning outcomes

Get a bird’s-eye view of the whole campus and how the overall teaching staff is performing to save time on administrative tasks, automate workflows, and supervise all school activities.

Get insights on classes, assignments, and students
Group and manage campuses in a single account
Parents can access children’s grades
Create a custom portal

94% of surveyed organizations rate the implementation of CYPHER as being better compared to the competition.

Survey of 150 clients of CYPHER


Award-winning platform for education

In the past year, we’ve received over two dozen awards for our innovative learning technology, including Forbes Advisor’s “Best Overall Employee Training Software” and “Best LMS.” We’ve also received recognition for our work in academia, earning the title of “Best K-12 Remote Learning Partner” in the SIIA CODiE 2022 Awards and numerous other awards.

Fast implementation

We’ll help you get started

Full support on every step of the way

On-site training by our experts

Migrating your existing content

Creating custom content

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