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How to get feedback for your online course

As an online course creator, you know that learning is not something only your learners do; you’re also constantly learning how to get better at creating courses.

One way to identify the areas you need to improve is to pick the brains of your learners. The feedback of your learners is golden. Asking for feedback puts you into a rather vulnerable situation, but it’s the only real way to find out what you can do better.

Here are four ways to get feedback for your online course:

  1. Interviews

    Interviews put you in direct contact with your learners. In order to get the most out of an interview, you should have clear objectives in mind. Know what you want to find out and ask specific questions that require more than just yes or no answers. That’s how you get more reliable information.

  2. Webinars

    During your webinar, you can ask your learners to answer some questions related to a certain topic, or questions to find out more about their learning needs. Due to time constraints, you can record your webinar and insert pop-up question boxes to elicit instant feedback.

  3. Surveys

    Surveys are the most versatile tool for finding out what your learners need, whether the course is going in the right direction for them, or whether they need more learning resources. You can include surveys throughout your course: at the beginning, included in the learning modules, and at the end.

  4. Emails

    Making use of emails to receive feedback from your learners offers a short, direct, and to the point way towards real feedback. Learners are familiar with your emails and are more likely to answer your questions. You can even embed a survey for them to fill in, just try not to overdo it, as it’s tiring to answer many questions at once.

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