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Five great online tools for spicing up your training materials

Most trainers use PowerPoint presentations and PDF files on a daily basis, they are even experts at designing good presentations so they might feel that there is no need to change anything. After all, if it’s not broken why fix it?

Well, as times are changing, you might want to tweak your training materials a little bit. You should invest more in presentations even if you have great content. Moreover, when it comes to adult learners, time is a precious resource, so try to present your content in an effective manner if you want to maximize results.

Below are 5 apps that will help you design the best training materials and boost learning outcomes!

  1. iLovePDF

    OK, PDF files are so yesterday, but they are still a staple for many trainers and learners. If you need a free tool to merge, split, extract pages, this app will do the trick. It’s also good for most of the conversions an instructor might need.

  2. Remove Background

    This tool, as its name suggests, removes the background from images. It works 100 percent automatically, you don’t need to select the background. If you want to add only an element from a picture, now you can do it without having to master any complicated photo editing software.

  3. MapInSeconds

    An image (or an infographic) is worth a thousand words. Instead of going through an Excel file with detailed data, simply upload the information in an Excel file and you’ll have the visualized version in a few seconds. It’s great for presentations and reports.

  4. Pixton

    For all the learners and their inner child, this app will help you create cool comics that look really professional. The free version has quite a few options (characters, backgrounds, actions, effects, etc.) and it will help you create great visual stories for your training sessions.

  5. Canva

    Canva is perfect to make your designs stand out, from infographics to video editing, and now with a new PDF editing feature. It is the easiest online PDF editor you’ll ever use, import right into Canva and edit for free. You can convert and tweak your PDF like any other design material, we'll work our magic and separate your PDF into editable elements. Then, share a link or download it in a print-ready format so that you and your colleagues can give it a try.

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