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Trade in outdated learning for a modern LMS

Handing someone a blow torch and assuming they can safely operate it because they clicked through a few lesson plans can be a dangerous thing. What if there was a way to ensure students have mastered course material before throwing them into high-pressure situations? There is.

Are you struggling to…

Map courses to competencies to track students’ educational progress, strengths, and weaknesses

Continually create and adapt courses so they remain relevant without draining your time and resources

Seamlessly integrate courses from ideation to implementation

Juggle dozens of course resources and materials across numerous platforms

Create engaging and individualized courses students will actually want to do

Preparing students for rewarding and lucrative skilled trade careers

With the cost of a four-year college education soaring year over year, more and more emerging and current professionals are looking to trade and specialty schools to launch or refresh their careers. From construction to aviation to criminal justice, the potential options are endless – more importantly, the available opportunities and earning potential are becoming increasingly attractive. 68.2% of graduates who attended trade school secured work in their fields of study, compared with 57.5% of graduates with an academic degree (Gitnux).

The popularity of trade and specialty schools has administrators looking to elevate the learner experience and drive mastery-level coursework proficiency. To meet this demand, they need a modern learning platform that's tailored for scalable, personalized, and competency-based learning. Leveraging the power of generative AI and gamification, CYPHER empowers educators to create engaging and collaborative courses, helping to effectively prepare students for success in a post-graduate environment.

Did you know?
According to a report from The National Student Clearinghouse, enrollment in technical and trade schools is on the rise. From 2021 to 2022, enrollment in construction trades grew by 19%. Meanwhile, four-year universities saw a nearly 4% drop in enrollment in the same time period.


Award-winning platform for education

In the past year, we’ve received over two dozen awards for our innovative learning technology, including Forbes Advisor’s “Best Overall Employee Training Software” and “Best LMS.” We’ve also received recognition for our work in academia, earning the title of “Best K-12 Remote Learning Partner” in the SIIA CODiE 2022 Awards and numerous other awards.

Supercharged trade skills course creation. In minutes.

AI 360 with Copilot on the CYPHER platform can supercharge the development of trade and specialty education courses and content – empowering you to deliver robust new courses fast and ensuring that course material engages and inspires your students. Imagine building competency-based, gamified, personalized content in just minutes!

This lets you:

  • Create highly personalized courses - using your own uploaded content from sources of your choosing - and launch it just in time!
  • Control your content quality, accuracy, and credibility
  • Ensure subject-matter proficiency for every student, at scale
AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot

Traditional way vs. CYPHER’s approach

Perhaps more than in any other institution, trade school students need to demonstrate subject-matter proficiency before they can actually jumpstart their careers. For example, budding air traffic controllers can’t simply click through course material and then move right into practice. They need to prove mastery of the coursework. This is a challenge with traditional learning management systems, which assume every student learns the same way and then usher them through to course completion. Making matters worse, these systems don’t give educators the tools and flexibility to create and deliver courses that map to what each individual student needs or engage them in ways that motivate and inspire. CYPHER is revolutionizing the way educators build and administer curriculums and courses. Trade and specialty schools use the CYPHER platform to empower their staff to deliver effective and inspiring competency-based courses with personalized learning paths, engaging content and advanced analytics – all geared toward helping students achieve mastery-level proficiency in their degree programs and ready themselves for the future.

Traditional way

What you get with CYPHER

One-size-fits-all approach doesn’t adapt to the student’s progress
Personalized learning profiles, competency mapping to content, assessments, and reporting in minutes – helping to ensure students understand and can prove mastery-level knowledge of each subject before they move on
You must manually bridge the gap between content development and delivery by using multiple, expensive tools
Unified content development and delivery allow you to create and update courses faster
Rigid, static content formats that leave students bored and unengaged
Incorporation of new media and technologies like gamification to drive engagement and retention of the subject at even the deepest level of detail
Conventional reporting that provide basic and rudimentary data
Insightful analytics, empowering you to track student progress, identify gaps in their knowledge and flag opportunities for improvement
Time-consuming and manual course creation
Automation and AI-powered tools cut course creation to minutes - allowing you to update and disseminate information just in time
Manual and outdated assessments
Adaptive assessments tagged to specific subjects help you understand what the learner knows or doesn’t know
Minimal collaboration and connection
Human-centered connections and communities to facilitate peer discussions and group exercises and help drive student comprehension and mastery of a given subject

Why modernizing online courses for trade schools matters


The average trade school degree costs $33,000 compared to $127,000 for a bachelor’s degree.



Mechanic and repair trade programs saw an enrollment increase of 11.5% from spring 2021 to 2022, according to the National Student Clearinghouse.

The Hechinger Report


The US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 6.6% growth in employment for those with a post-high school vocational award.


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