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GENERATIVE LEARNING PLATFORMLearn better, faster, stronger

The only platform that unifies LMS, LXP, and course development. Cut costs. Engage learners. Simplify your tech stack.

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The most innovative AI-powered learning platform

Everything you need in one platform to deliver faster, more personalized, and better learning outcomes. No more point solutions, no clunky integrations, no more complex workflows. Finally work your way instead of theirs.

We simplify, streamline, and save you time and resources by offering 1 platform with 3 powers: Learning Management System (LMS) + Learning Experience Platform (LXP) + content development - driven by leading AI innovation. This powerful combination is delivered via our generative AI-powered learning platform.

Choose your powers!
Your path. Your pace. Your potential.

Start your journey with our Learning Management System (LMS) for solid foundations, then amplify your capabilities when the time is right. Elevate your learning initiatives with our Learning Experience Platform (LXP) capabilities for personalized and engaging course delivery. And when you're ready to create courses using your own content, unlock the full potential of leading AI innovation with our robust course development tools.

It's your path, your pace, your powers – tailor your learning journey your way.



Give learners what they need, before they need it

Our award-winning learning management software that helps you move faster on learning initiatives than ever before.

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Deliver highly personalized learning in less time

LXPs are more than just a new LMS—it’s a whole new way for all to learn and grow while saving time and resources.

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Build courses faster—no experience required

AI 360 with Copilot accelerates the creation of competency-based, gamified courses, with assessments in minutes.

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Your way. Not theirs.

Traditional learning management software is bloated requiring big budgets. Their complex processes and software overkill leave you stuck trying to figure out how to use the LMS their way instead of your way. Get more things done with the most innovative AI-powered learning platform from CYPHER. Get it your way no matter the size of your business or academic institution.

Their way

Your way

Learning and training is filled with one time mandatory courses that become out of date quickly
Employees and learners can discover new courses and skills immediately while staying relevant year round
> $10K
Cost to create and deliver a course
< $1K
Cost to create and deliver a course
Months and weeks
Research and create content, images, assessments, competencies
Minutes and days
Automate course creation from content to competencies to quizzes
> 54 days
Time to create a course
< 10 minutes
Time to create a course
Stale courses
Courses become out of date and require manual updating
Course relevance
Courses stay up-to-date as business needs change

Enduring benefits of our human-centric approach

Learners desire and demand modern, holistic learning - to keep competitive, entertained, and ready for what’s ahead. Our human-centric approach delivers benefits and outcomes that have lasting positive effects on their personalized school path, career path, and life path.

Increased employee engagement
Better employee lifecycle outcomes
Increased competitive advantage
Stronger culture of continuous learning
Increased trainer and admin productivity
Increased student engagement
Better workforce preparedness
Increased enjoyment of learning
Stronger sense of purpose
Increased teacher and admin productivity

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AI research
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Case studies
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Industry analyst insights
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CYPHER's exceptional learning technology has received numerous accolades from leading organizations

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Services and support

Services and support
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Features for business

Features for business
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Features for academia

Features for academia
Platform features for academic institutions from K-12 to higher education

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Award-winning platform

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