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How to tell if your online course is doing well

Is your online course successful? As with anything you do, creating online courses comes with an opportunity cost. It’s only natural that you want to know if your investment has panned out. Learning management system (LMS) analytics offer a holistic view of how well your course is doing, so you don’t have to use guesstimates based on “surface” statistics such as the total number of learners you have.

Let’s dive in deeper and see what are the most important LMS reports that help you analyze your course performance:

  1. Revenue report

    Since you sell courses on your learning platform, there’s nothing easier than seeing the revenue they generate in any given period. This report allows you to see which tactics have worked best, including offering discounts, offering courses for a limited time, etc.

  2. Affiliate report

    This one helps you analyze how well your affiliate marketing strategy is going by generating referral lists in a timeframe of your choice. If it’s not what you expected, you can always try to find more collaborators willing to share links with their audience.

  3. Site statistics

    These are general statistics that help you track the number of users and enrollments. It’s good to follow these numbers daily as it tells you a lot about user behavior — maybe you’ll notice that people tend to buy your course on Saturday, which means you should be more active on that day.

  4. Course enrollments

    Similarly, you can have an overview of course enrollments from launch day to launch week and even months after the event. This report helps you see important fluctuations in the number of users and whether specific promotion tactics have been more successful than others.

  5. Custom reports

    Custom reports offer advanced data as you can select various fields, use filtering options, sort, and group data by different parameters. Plus, see everything in a chart output. For example, you can run more advanced affiliate reports to see users grouped by commission rate.

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