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Webinar CYPHER Learning

ATD Austin - How technology innovation is redefining learning and development (L&D) and course design

Join us as Graham Glass, CEO of CYPHER Learning, explores how AI is revolutionizing education and proving incredible cost savings. Businesses are gearing up for a paradigm shift, and students are embracing self-paced learning in connected communities. Discover its role in transforming traditional e-learning into personalized experiences.

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

  • Instructors, find out how AI can enhance your teaching methods in this enlightening session on the future of education!
  • How CYPHER's AI 360 with Copilot can help everyone using AI - the instructors, L&D teams, learners, administrators, and managers
  • Watch as Graham creates a course on Austin Texas in minutes using the CYPHER Learning platform and gives a sneak peak of new Copilot features