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Top benefits of CYPHER for academia

CYPHER is a powerful learning platform that delivers a great user experience while incorporating all the essential tools schools need to support efficient teaching and learning. K-12 schools and Higher Education institutions choose CYPHER because it’s:

  1. Fast to implement

    Schools and universities can create and customize their portal in a matter of hours, with support at every step of the implementation and onboarding process. We also ensure fast migration of existing content.

  2. Easy to use

    CYPHER offers an enjoyable experience for any user, be it teachers, students, or parents. The platform has an intuitive interface with smooth navigation created with the users' needs in mind and looks great on any device.

  3. Suited to your needs

    CYPHER can be personalized to fit the specific needs of different users, from young children through college students, from small K-12 schools to districts or universities, for students that speak different languages, and more.

  4. A student engagement booster

    We offer various tools that drive engagement and help students achieve better academic results. Students enjoy gamified elements and earning rewards, which leads to increased student retention and higher completion rates.

  5. A time saver on teaching activities

    Teachers can easily save time by creating classes without design skills, automating repetitive tasks such as adding students to groups and organizing teaching materials in a centralized location.

  6. A magnifying glass over student progress

    Teachers can get valuable student progress data to see where they fall behind and know when to intervene. They can evaluate students effortlessly and track their progress at any point in the learning process.

  7. Right there when students need it

    Students have access to lessons anytime, everywhere, and can easily keep track of their schedules. This helps them take ownership of their learning and become more involved in academic activities even when they are not at school.

  8. A collaboration facilitator

    Learning involves many social relationships. CYPHER provides a safe environment for collaboration. Communication between teachers and students is considerably improved using tools such as groups, chats, and forums.

  9. A cost saver

    CYPHER helps your educational institution save money by providing a solution that all teachers and students will actually adopt. Schools also save money on extra expenses such as license fees, and training and support costs are minimized.

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