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Blended learning – the best of both worlds

Seamlessly integrate your virtual and physical classroom with CYPHER


Seamlessly integrate your virtual and physical classroom with CYPHER

Fitting learning into a fixed schedule is sometimes like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Everyone learns concepts on their own timelines. Questions, while important, prolong lessons. And sometimes, it just takes longer to explain concepts than you anticipated. That’s where blended learning comes in. It allows teachers to archive content so students can revisit it when they need a refresher or more time to grasp content. However, trying to accommodate students both virtually and physically is no easy task.

Are you struggling to…

Quickly adapt resources for online students and catalog them in one easily accessible place

Personalize content to the specific needs of your students so they can learn at their own pace

Provide instant and adequate feedback to online learners

Quickly measure and track your students’ educational progress, strengths, and weaknesses using more than just grades

Promote collaboration and engagement in an online setting

Deliver a more flexible and individualized learning experience inside and outside of the classroom

Need an educational approach that integrates face-to-face learning experiences with online education? Are you wanting a blended learning environment that uses…

The face-to-face driver model

Digital learning is used alongside traditional teaching to increase success in educational outcomes.

The rotation model

Students rotate among different modes of learning on a fixed schedule, such as rotating among online learning, small-group instruction, and pencil-and-paper assignments.

The flex model

Students experience a blend of modalities on a flexible schedule, giving them more control over their pace and pace throughout a course.

The self-blended model

Enrich courses with an elective online module delivered and managed by their teacher.

The online lab model

Deliver content and learning mostly or entirely online via digital learning experiences.

The enriched virtual model

Students complete most of their coursework at home but online courses are enhanced with required face-to-face lessons and interactions.

Award-winning platform for education

In the past year, we’ve received over two dozen awards for our innovative learning technology, including Forbes Advisor’s “Best Overall Employee Training Software” and “Best LMS.” We’ve also received recognition for our work in academia, earning the title of “Best K-12 Remote Learning Partner” in the SIIA CODiE 2022 Awards and numerous other awards.

With the CYPHER platform, you can seamlessly implement diverse educational models. Deliver experiences that cater to the needs of modern learners who want to learn anywhere and at any time – without sacrificing the benefits of classroom learning.

The green dot feature –
blended learning’s new best friend


The green dot feature, only found at CYPHER Learning, signals activity within courses, groups, and modules to foster better human connections. Its size and pulse speed directly reflect activity levels in different platform areas. Teachers can choose whether the green dot ensures anonymity or displays active student presence.

Gaining the benefits of blended learning

In the evolving landscape of education, schools are increasingly turning to blended learning for its remarkable ability to enhance the educational experience.


One of the core advantages of blended learning is its emphasis on improved personalization and flexibility. This approach tailors the educational journey to meet the unique needs, learning styles, and paces of individual students. It also offers flexibility in scheduling, allowing students to engage with their studies at times most convenient for them. This aspect of blended learning is particularly beneficial for students balancing educational pursuits with other commitments, ensuring that education is accessible and adaptable to every learner's lifestyle.


Another significant benefit of blended learning is the increased level of student engagement and the promotion of interactive learning. By integrating a variety of digital tools and resources, such as interactive modules, videos, and e-books, blended learning transforms the traditional classroom into a dynamic learning environment. This approach not only makes learning more engaging but also encourages active participation through projects and discussions. Such active learning strategies are key to heightening student interest and motivation, fostering a more immersive and interactive educational experience.


Blended learning provides enhanced access to a wide range of learning resources and continuous learning opportunities. Outside of school hours and away from the physical campus, students still have access to lessons and materials, allowing increased flexibility and greater accessibility of resources. This also builds a more equitable learning experience, providing extra learning opportunities for those who are struggling. 

Hybrid learning vs. blended learning – what’s the difference?

Blended learning is an approach to education that combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online with traditional place-based classroom methods. It requires the physical presence of both teacher and student, with some element of student.

Hybrid learning, also known as hybrid courses, refers to a teaching model that combines traditional classroom experiences, experiential learning objectives, and digital course delivery that emphasizes using the best option for each learning objective.

Supercharged blended learning. In minutes.

AI 360 with Copilot on the CYPHER platform can supercharge the development of curriculums and content for your blended learning environment – empowering you to deliver robust new courses fast and ensure course material engages and inspires your students. Imagine building competency-based, gamified, and personalized courses in minutes!

This lets you:

  • Create blended learning courses tailored to districts, schools, classes and individuals – using your own uploaded content – and launch it just in time!
  • Control your content’s quality, accuracy, and credibility
  • Create courses in 50+ languages
  • Ensure subject-matter proficiency for every student, at scale
AI 360 with CYPHER Copilot
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