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Skills development

Personalized learning at scale with proactive recommendations and more


Upskill, reskill, and cross-skill

When it comes to skills development with traditional learning platforms, it’s often difficult to understand what skills learners don’t know.

Courses may not cover all necessary skills, leaving learners untaught and untested in crucial areas. With so many competencies and skills to cover, this lack of knowledge can slip through the cracks.

That’s where CYPHER comes in. CYPHER’s competency-based learning approach transforms skills development by helping to pinpoint exactly what learners know and don’t know. Each competency represents specific skills, and CYPHER can automatically map courses, assessments, and rubrics to competencies. The platform will even run a competency audit, revealing if you need more material on a particular skill to adequately cover and test material.

Ensure courses are compliant with standards and cover all of the necessary bases. Set-up learning paths and guide learners toward skill mastery, or enable learners to set their own learning goals. From CYPHER’s powerful recommendation engine and adaptive learning to gamified courses and paths, everything you need to develop learners’ skills is wrapped into one platform.

U.S News' Top LMS for Skills development

U.S. News & World Report rated CYPHER Learning as the best LMS for Skills development. They praised CYPHER’s competency-based learning, intelligent recommendations, human-centric approach, custom learning paths, automation, and more.


Learning paths

Teachers and trainers can create learning and certification paths with different courses, media options, quizzes, and more, to guide learners. You can treat individual courses within learning paths like assessments, assigning each course its own points, grading categories, and more, to better track learner skill development and add greater flexibility to the learning journey.


Learning goals

With learning goals, learners can set and track their own skill development goals, giving them more autonomy over their learning journey. CYPHER recommends different courses based on their goals. Learners can easily track their progress toward mastery. Administrators maintain control by choosing goals and grouping learners with similar goals, promoting collaboration and motivation.

This finely tuned approach delivers precise insights into competency mastery, enabling managers to showcase progress and organizations to validate personalized skills development. 



Competencies are the foundation for identifying what learners need to know and to determine if they achieve the level of understanding expected by their goals and/or path. Choose from CYPHER’s 3,000+ pre-built competencies, upload your own set, or enable the power of AI 360 to generate competencies and align them to content in just minutes, saving tremendous time and effort. You can then see a coverage analysis of how well your course covers competencies to easily determine if you need to strengthen your content. Created competencies can be stored in the resources library and reused for other courses.


Mastery vs. competency: What’s the difference?

Both "competencies" and "mastery" are important components of our competency-based approach. Competencies refer to specific skills, while mastery is a measure of how well one has learned certain skills.

Q&A forum

Learners can use the Q&A forum to ask questions and get support to easily reach their active goals. Collaboration can take place at a course, network or community level.



Mastery level is a measure of how well a learner knows certain material and competencies. You can specify how you would like the platform to calculate a learners mastery level, both for a specific competency and for a collection of competencies. The CYPHER platform doesn’t just track mastery levels, it also allows you to trigger different actions depending on a learner’s mastery level. This enables personalized learning at scale, increases engagement, and promotes better learning outcomes.

With mastery rules, you can trigger actions when a learner: Achieves a certain mastery level, drops below a threshold for certain competencies for a specified number of days, or maintains a mastery level for a specified number of days.

Actions you can trigger based on a learner’s mastery level: Add to group, award badge, award certificate, award points, enroll in a course, show an assessment to the user, ...and more!


Adaptive learning

Experience adaptive learning like never before by utilizing automation to dynamically personalize courses based on learners' previous actions. This innovative feature empowers you to craft adaptive learning modules, assignments, and paths that evolve with each learner's proficiency. For instance, if a learner demonstrates mastery in a competency during an early quiz, the CYPHER platform intelligently conceals basic lessons and unveils more advanced content in real-time.


Recommendation engine

The CYPHER platform goes beyond traditional approaches by providing proactive recommendations. It suggests relevant materials and activities based on each learner's unique progress and interests, elevating the overall learning experience.

By default, learner recommendations recalculate every hour. However, when a new goal is added or an existing goal is paused/resumed/removed, recommendations regenerate immediately.


Gamify courses and paths

Elevate learner engagement and revolutionize skill development with CYPHER's advanced gamification, encompassing awards, competition, and motivational elements. Employ leaderboards, periodic leveling, and gamified elements within courses and learning paths. Enable accumulation of individual, group, and site-wide points and badges contingent upon participation, scores, and more. Customizable game levels, leaderboard tracking of learner advancement, and personalized badge creation are at your disposal. Bolstered by the world's largest gamification implementation, CYPHER caters to over 120,000 users. To learn more about how you can increase engagement and motivation to facilitate faster and more effective skills development, visit the gamification tour page.


“CYPHER Learning is not your typical “way inside the box” parochial learning tech. This is a supercharged next-generation technology platform that rocks competency and skills-based learning.”

Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer of Brandon Hall Group


“It has really helped us make sure that everybody is on the right track in mastering, or at least acquiring, fundamental knowledge and skills before they proceed to the next module.”

Maria Isabel Hipolito, Vice President Academics at STI Education Services Group, Inc.


“The rules engine allows us to automate aspects of our training, and we get full visibility into individual students' progress.”

Robert Hunter, Learning and Development Consultant at a hospitality company with 10,001+ employees