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6 Easy ways to get valuable customer reviews for your online course

Word of mouth has become world of mouth. When you are an entrepreneur seeking to sell your online course, getting (good) reviews is crucial in attracting potential customers. Here are six ideas about how to get them.

  1. Social media posts

    Using social media is the easiest and most convenient way to get customer testimonials. These give a very familiar sense of authenticity and can be either on your course’s page, on your personal page or as screenshots on the online page you have for the course.

  2. Peer reviews

    You probably know people who activate in fields adjacent to learning design or the subject of your material. Asking them to give you reviews will certainly increase both your visibility and your credibility. Being associated with you and your course will work just as well for them too.

  3. Blog posts about your course

    While most reviews are rather short and to the point, some potential customers may feel the need for a more elaborate description. Blogs are very popular and it is the general opinion that if somebody took the time to write extensively about something than it must be worth the while.

  4. “Celebrity” testimonials

    A well-known authority on your subject, if featured on the landing page giving a flattering review to your course, can go a long way in attracting the right crowds. Finding such celebrities and establishing rapport takes time and it can be tricky to reach them, but not impossible.

  5. Press reviews

    Having qualified journalists write about your course will prove very persuasive since there still is the common belief that nothing makes the news unless it is important. Again, the generous space will provide a good opportunity to describe and discuss your course at length.

  6. Video testimonials

    Videos have a tremendous impact and truly stand out; they are inspirational, authentic and manage to make an impression. People want to be certain that they are not being ripped off so seeing somebody who already paid for the product and is happy about it helps a great deal.

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