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Why PD for teachers is paramount to successful edtech integration and how to ensure every teacher gets the best training

Professional development is an essential part of the teaching profession, as teachers are expected to constantly improve their own skills, learn new pedagogies and develop new strategies to engage their students. Effective PD supports teachers every step of the way, both within their organization through Instructional Technology Coaching and outside of it through Professional Learning Communities. Using the already familiar school LMS to design and deliver PD for teachers is part of a great solution.

This white paper will help you understand why professional development is a vital part of improving teachers’ performance and how to implement best practices for PD.

What you will learn from this white paper:

  • Why Professional Development for teachers is important
  • The role of Instructional Technology Coaching in PD
  • The role of Professional Learning Communities in PD
  • How a school LMS can be used to design and deliver teacher PD

Download the white paper now and explore the best ways to implement Professional Development for teachers!

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