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User interface and user experience

A stunning, human-centric interface that delivers everything you want exactly when and where you expect


Intuitive design, sophisticated experience

The allure of CYPHER’s interface lies in its stunning design – it’s gorgeous, intuitive, and easy to use. From its graphical dashboards to adaptive learning paths, find everything you want exactly when and where you expect. Our human-centric approach focuses on clarity over complexity, so users remain in control without sacrificing on capabilities.

“The best way to describe the tech is to say it anticipates the moves of the learner.” Brandon Hall Group

Showcase training offerings

Experience flexibility like never before with CYPHER's versatile display options for your training offerings: the graphical catalog or a convenient calendar format.

Course catalog

Elevate your courses with our comprehensive catalog, each course featuring an in-depth overview tab. Customize the catalog by structuring categories and courses to your preference – whether flat, hierarchical, or graphical. Tailor further by arranging them alphabetically or in a custom order. You have the option to display concise descriptions on item tiles, reveal sections within modules, and even showcase prices. Organize efficiently and indicate time zones for a seamless browsing experience.

Calendar view

Effortlessly track and display learning sessions and events with our intuitive calendar view. Instantly check whether a course is full or open for enrollment whether you’re enrolled, waitlisted, or add color-coded locations of courses like London or Sydney. Learners can easily filter searches by category, keywords, course style, color codes, language, and location. Seamlessly switch between weekly, yearly, or agenda views, to easily view specific events like web conferences and assignment deadlines.

Beautiful dashboards

We offer beautiful tile-based dashboards that display the most important information for each user type – admin, teachers, trainers, learners, and more. Our admin dashboard stands out with customizable drag-and-drop widgets that prioritize the most important organization information.


Our dashboard widgets facilitate seamless user interaction, providing convenient, at-a-glance access to frequently used functions or information. The home dashboard features three primary sections: banner widget, courses widget, and custom report widget.

Green Dot feature

Our visual activity display, the Green Dot, enhances interactivity by showcasing real-time updates across courses, paths, and groups, fostering a stronger sense of community engagement for users.

Award-winning usability

UI scores major points

The intuitive user interface (UI) and multiple ways to award employees for using the CYPHER Learning platform scores major points—it’s visually pleasing and keeps employees engaged.

Simple to use

It’s a comprehensive platform that’s simple to use to create courses and track analytics of employee performance. Doesn’t require advanced coding to create great-looking training.

Easiest Admin Enterprise

CYPHER’s user-friendly administrative experience encompasses everything from 55 pre-built and custom reporting options to administrative tasks that can be performed without a steep learning curve.

Best Usability Mid-Market

Customers have been able to reclaim time and money lost in tools and platforms that overcomplicate and underdeliver. CYPHER delivers immense functionality without the hassle and complexity.

Learner personalization

Layout and content controls

CYPHER offers robust customization for learners, administrators, and instructors out of the box, including the ability to change the language of the interface and to set personal preferences for alerts, notifications, and invites.

Profile page

Profile pages enable users to easily learn more about one another. Pages include basic info, account details, enrolled courses, social media links, and more. Users can access different profile information depending on their account type – learner, instructor, etc.

Learning journey display

Adaptive learning paths

Experience the power of adaptive learning paths with CYPHER. Our platform empowers administrators and instructors to curate personalized learning journeys by sequencing courses in the desired order. As learners navigate these paths, CYPHER dynamically adjusts content visibility based on their mastery level – revealing or concealing material accordingly. Easily explore the path's contents via a user-friendly table of contents, and unlock conditional sections tailored to specific roles.

With CYPHER's innovative learning goals feature, learners take charge. They set their objectives, and our platform recommends courses aligned with their objectives.

Prioritization of learning

Take charge of learning prioritization with our automation feature. Control module visibility, access to assessments, and learning path progression dynamically. Set modules to show or hide, lock or unlock, ensuring a seamless and logical learning flow. As learners progress and achieve mastery, our platform adapts to match their pace and knowledge level.

Personalized branding

Transform your brand presence with personalized branding for your portal. Communicate your brand message effectively while managing courses, company updates, and events effortlessly.

Ways to elevate your brand:

  • A personalized logo, color scheme, and terminology
  • Your own URL (new or pre-existing domain)
  • Custom themes
  • Carousel panel
  • Custom panel 
  • Language
  • Tailored pages
  • Unique user and visitor views
  • Standard and customized portal pages
  • And more...

Personalized portal controls

Unlock the power of CYPHER's “organizations” feature to craft specialized portals for your company, community, partners, and franchises. Seamlessly personalize visitor experiences across distinct entities, empowering administrators to curate unique learning environments. These tailored portals boast exclusive URLs, branded catalogs, logos, color schemes, and custom pages. Dive deeper – the autonomy provided allows each sub-organization to have its own team of administrators, instructors, learners, and courses.

With our platform, administrators can automate events based on roles, locations, or specific criteria. Imagine automated enrollment into courses and fine-tuned management of what users see in the course catalog – efficient, targeted, and hassle-free.


Green Dot feature

Our visual activity display, the Green Dot, enhances interactivity by showcasing real-time updates across courses, paths, and groups, fostering a stronger sense of community engagement for users.

Mobile ready

Our platform is fully responsive, delivering an excellent user experience across all mobile devices. To further enhance accessibility, we offer dedicated mobile apps for both iOS and Android, enabling users to access CYPHER's functionalities anytime, anywhere.

Our mobile apps are equipped with offline mode functionality, allowing users to engage with our platform even without an internet connection. Organizations can personalize their experience by creating branded mobile apps featuring custom logos, reinforcing their unique identity within the CYPHER ecosystem.



At CYPHER, we prioritize inclusivity and accessibility for all users. Our commitment to accessibility is evident in our adherence to the WCAG 2.1 Level AA standards, ensuring a barrier-free digital experience for everyone. Our current features include screen reader support, MS Immersive Readers, voiceover, accessibility themes, theme options and intuitive search functionality.


Platform-wide language support

With CYPHER, language barriers vanish and global communication thrives. From course creation in over 50 languages to real-time, cross-language communication, and native language support across the entire platform, CYPHER has everything you need to create an enjoyable experience for a global audience. To learn more about our language support, visit our language tour page.



Safeguarding your online presence is our priority. We provide SSL certificate hosting options to secure your custom sites, encrypt data transmissions, and shield credentials from potential threats while in transit. Our commitment to your privacy extends through various areas:

Encryption protocols

We protect credentials and data transmissions from detection while in transit in our site using encrypted passwords to protect our clients' privacy.

Advanced authentication

Our Google Apps, Clever, and custom Single Sign-On (SSO) systems employ OAUTH 2.0 for secure connections, adding an extra layer of protection.

Compliance assurance

We adhere to GDPR guidelines to keep your data protected and handled responsibly.

Threat detection

All file uploads undergo automatic virus scanning. In the event of a detected threat, files are removed, preventing potential risks to your system.

For a comprehensive overview of our security offerings, visit our Support, security, and privacy page.

Support, security, and privacy

“It just looks phenomenal.”

John Leh,
CEO and Lead Analyst, Talented Learning


"CYPHER Learning is an admin’s dream. Forget the steep learning curve, this tech is as intuitive as it gets."

Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer and Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group


“Everything is so streamlined and intuitive. Learners can easily manage their classes!”

Katie Bokan,
CEO and Founder, Convo