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Reporting and analytics

Access important data to make meaningful decisions


Track learner progress

Transform learning and tracking with CYPHER’s robust reporting capabilities. Gain unparalleled insights effortlessly with our reporting suite, which empowers you to track module progress, learner engagement, course status, assess teaching and training effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and fine-tune strategies for optimum results. Customize your data analysis with precision, focusing on specific categories like users, courses, paths, and organizations. Plus, our innovative report widgets showcase custom charts directly on your dashboard for seamless and real-time visibility.

“The reporting engine they have is just out of this world”john-leh John Leh, CEO and lead analyst of Talented Learning

Built-in reports

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to clarity with over 50 pre-built reports. Administrators, managers, teachers, and even learners get the insights they need when they need them. Plus, you can save and schedule your favorite reports for automatic delivery.

Custom reports

Dive into the specifics with custom reports. Select the exact data you need – from users to courses, and more. Sort, filter, and choose how you visualize the data. It’s reporting made just for you.

Dashboard widgets for fast insights

Bring your custom reports front and center with dashboard widgets. Generate a report and see it dynamically displayed on your admin or course dashboard. It's instant access to the data that matters most to you.

Real-time analytics for informed decisions

Instantly see how learners are progressing with graphics that provide insights into modules, assessments, mastery, and more. Identify where learners excel and where they need help – all in real-time.

Streamlined compliance tracking

Effectively manage compliance tracking in both business and academia. Set training programs, compliance durations, and renewal requirements for business employees. In academia, designate essential courses, define instructor compliance periods, and set renewal criteria to stay abreast of evolving standards. Stay ahead in both sectors, ensuring adherence to crucial requirements.

Proactive compliance management

Never let compliance deadlines catch you by surprise. Set rules to notify learners about upcoming compliance due dates, notify learners if their compliance is about to expire,  or re-enroll them in courses automatically. This way, learners have time to prepare and fit  training into their busy schedule. It's compliance management that’s proactive, not reactive.

Comprehensive compliance reports

Easily see a compliance overview with reports that show you exactly who’s in compliance, who’s due for renewal, and who needs to catch up. With CYPHER Learning, you're not just administering learning. You're driving it with data-driven insights and proactive tools that empower learners, educators, and trainers across different teams, organizations, districts, and learning ecosystems.


“Since using CYPHER, we noticed greater efficiencies in managing and reporting learning outcomes.”

LMS Director,
New York State Center for School Health LMS


“I like that CYPHER gives statistical data and teachers can easily monitor the progress of the students.”

Christer Lopez,
Teacher, University of Batangas


“CYPHER Learning is disrupting the learning and development space by creating an intuitive, AI-powered platform that offers engaging content and measurable results.”

Michael Rochelle,
Chief Strategy Officer, Brandon Hall Group