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Top 10 tips on how to increase your email CTR

Selling online courses won't stand a chance without proper marketing. Email marketing is a strategy that can boost your sales and have a positive impact on your income. In this domain, a key factor is the CTR (click-through-rate) which shows how many people clicked on a link, a CTA (call-to-action) or an image within your email. The CTR can be established by dividing the number of clicks with the number of emails sent. Here are 10 tips on how to increase your email CTR:

  1. Provide essential and relevant content

    Content is key. The subject title is the first thing people see and the one that attracts their attention. If it targets something they are interested in, they will most likely open it. Once you create a catchy subject, make sure to provide essential and relevant information in the email body. Keep it simple, always having your audience in mind.

  2. Optimize for every device

    Nowadays people are on the run, so more than half of the number of emails are opened on mobile devices. Mobile optimization is crucial because you cannot lose so many prospects due to poor adaptation of content to different devices. Even though most conversions happen on a computer, it is more likely for readers to open the emails on their phones.

  3. Add images

    The purpose of email marketing is to have readers do something for you. Researchers have determined that emails are more likely to be read entirely if they contain images than if they only have text. However, don’t use too many, as that could have negative consequences. You should also include ALT text in case some devices cannot open the image.

  4. Keep brand consistency

    Everyone feels comfortable when they see something familiar. It gives them a sense of belonging and it provides the confidence people need when taking any action. Make sure you have the same logos, titles, images, fonts, colors, and so on, for every single marketing tool you use in a particular email campaign.

  5. Pay attention to the layout

    The way you arrange things in your email influences how much time people spend reading your content. It has been proven that the average reader stays focused for the first part and then scans the text. So, organize your email by placing the important aspects in an F-pattern to address the modern reader.

  6. Consider a P.S. section

    A P.S. section is used when you want to add something important at the end of an email. You should leverage this possibility since people read the sections they consider important. This way, you make sure you've regained your reader's attention in case it started to fade from the first lines of your text.

  7. Include social sharing icons

    Having the possibility to share on social media has become a constant in most campaigns. This happens due to the desire to make others feel your enthusiasm about the things you see, read about, and want. Providing this option to your audience will make you get in return a new list of potential customers.

  8. Be careful with timing

    Timing is everything. To increase your CTR, you have to choose the perfect timing to send the emails. Studies have shown that people are more likely to check their emails before and after working hours and also during the weekend. So schedule a sending time for your next email campaign ASAP.

  9. Personalize it as much as possible

    Sending marketing emails won't have an instant result. Addressing readers by their names or by sending content that interests them will definitely increase your chances of conversion. Try to declutter your email list to get rid of those subscribers that will never purchase anything. After this, you can send personalized emails and target a more relevant audience.

  10. Never stop testing

    There’s no perfect recipe, so the only thing you can do is test your choices, see what works and then establish a template for all your campaigns. You can test everything from subject titles to layouts and CTAs to try to reach the draft that works. With each campaign, gather information about your prospects and use it when your CTR drops.

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