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Everything you need to sell courses and maximize profits


Sell online courses and paths

Successful online course sales start with CYPHER. With a variety of offerings to sell – online courses, learning paths, digital media items, and more – our platform helps increase e-commerce efficiency and margins. Check out these powerful e-commerce features for limitless growth!

Easy payments

We integrate with the most popular payment gateways, such as PayPal, Stripe,, Flywire, PagSeguro, PayUbiz, PayU Latam, Mercado Pago, Telr, Conekta, and YooMoney. This helps to ensure a seamless buying experience for your global audience.


Subscription plans consist of one or more courses that you can sell for a monthly or yearly fee. Subscriptions offer ongoing access, keeping your audience engaged and connected.


You can create bundles of courses and/or digital media and sell them as a package, providing added value and incentivizing larger purchases.

Digital media

Sell digital media effortlessly - whether it's audio, video, or e-books, directly from our course catalog. Diversify your offerings, attract a wider audience, and maximize your revenue streams by offering supplementary resources.

Discount codes and coupons

Boost sales with discounts and coupons. Our platform supports bulk discounts and flexible coupon codes, so you can tailor promotions to your audience, encouraging higher conversion rates and fostering customer loyalty.


SEO is crucial for making your site and courses easily discoverable. Use our features to optimize your content for search engines. Set up search engine indexing, add relevant keywords, a meta description, and more. Customize the SEO for each course page, and optimize pages for specific learning items like subscriptions or digital media, each with its own catalog overview page.

Ratings and reviews

Reviews matter. Encourage user feedback to increase course sales. Reviews are prominently displayed on course overview pages, boosting credibility, and engaging potential buyers, fostering a sense of community and trust. You can accept or dismiss reviews and choose whether to publish them or not.


Integrate seamlessly with Mailchimp for powerful email campaigns. Design and send emails to your audience with Mailchimp, and effortlessly manage contacts. Import and export contacts directly, creating new learner accounts when importing. Streamline your email campaigns with this integrated solution.


Expand your reach through affiliates. Sign up affiliates to promote your courses using their unique referral links. Set commissions, receive notifications, and effortlessly manage affiliate payouts via PayPal. Gain insights through detailed affiliate reports to maximize your sales potential and tap into new markets through effective partnerships.

Tax support

Our platform supports value added tax (VAT) for the European Union and Goods and Services Tax (GST) for Australia. We offer integration with TaxJar via our App Center, which can help calculate these taxes for you.


Easily manage the pricing of your courses and apply discounts through the intuitive configuration section. Use automation to trigger actions when users make purchases, like automatically enrolling them in related groups for course purchases or awarding points for game items. For subscription cancellations, implement custom notifications to gather feedback on the reasons.


CYPHER lets you generate reports on e-commerce revenue and custom reports when you need additional data related to sold items. You can also view report results graphically for a quick overview. Administrators, trainers, and course creators can access customized data about e-commerce orders through these reports.


“We were searching for a learning management system that had unusual features to meet our requirements, including the ability to sell our courses.”

Artem Raskatov, Digital Education Manager at a Manufacturing Company


“We operate an online education platform that sells courses to audiences all over the world. We have a global audience, and we use CYPHER Learning as our primary learning management system. CYPHER Learning is our only LMS.”

Hana Tisserand, Co-founder and Operations Manager at Tisserand Institute


“By converting our training courses to this online platform, we streamlined productivity and fulfilled a niche market for accessing online learning.”

Flight Safety, Business Professional, Aeronautical Enterprises