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4 Things that help boost employee engagement

Training is indeed paramount to employee engagement but its function is to sustain a positive attitude not to mend things that have gone awry such as unpopular changes in the organization. In order to make the right decisions about what to do regarding employee engagement, it’s crucial for HR professionals to be aware that engagement comes on a spectrum:

  • Engaged employees — are those who genuinely love what they do.
  • Not engaged employees — are those who feel all right about what they do but stick to the requirements and don’t have any enthusiasm for their projects.
  • Disengaged employees — they are more or less disgruntled, do not believe in the company’s mission and values

Engaged employees will stay longer, work better and promote a positive attitude and culture. There are several factors that can have a positive impact on employee engagement:

  1. A great organizational infrastructure

    A good organizational infrastructure is the first step in ensuring people will feel engaged. They should have the right tools to work with and clear procedures. It’s important to constantly update the business processes and to keep an eye on technological advancements in order to provide the best tools for increased efficiency.

  2. A healthy onboarding process

    Engagement starts with the onboarding process. There is no better time to get people really pumped up about the company than on induction day. It’s when expectations are set and when people are most open to information.

  3. A good work-life balance

    It’s important to keep this aspect in focus since the younger demographic values their time and positive feelings towards the company. Some people will appreciate shorter workdays, extra vacation time or the possibility to work remotely. Others will enjoy team-buildings, outdoor activities, various clubs or personal development workshops.

  4. A great recognition system

    All employees enjoy having their achievements recognized. While formal recognition is still widely preferred, it’s also the small encouragements and verbal acknowledgments from peers and superiors that have a tremendous positive impact on engagement.

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